Common Mistakes When Screening a Long Beach Tenant

Common Mistakes When Screening A Long Beach, CA Tenant

Long Beach is one of the most desirable cities to live with your family, owing to the manifold amenities it has to offer for you. All these years, the rising demand for housing in Long Beach has also led to an enormous rise in the number of investors in the area who lend their property for promising rentals.

As a landlord in Long Beach, you are expected to be aware of the critical tenant screening laws as part of Long Beach Property Management to ensure a fair application process for both the parties. Some of the most common features of a Long Beach tenant screening list include:

  • No record of evictions in the past
  • A minimum credit score of up to 600
  • No smoking
  • No criminal offense made in the past
  • No case of bankruptcy
  • No dogs allowed/one cat permissible, etc.

A Quick View of Long Beach Tenant Screening Laws –

As a Long Beach landlord, you are expected to be aware of the tenant screening laws for a fair and legal application process. Here are the most important Long Beach tenant screening laws, relevant for every landlord in the state –

  • As a landlord, you are only allowed to charge for the application fee under the annual limit permitted by the state.
  • The application fee charged by the landlord must not cross the amount spent on the background check.
  • As per the state law, the application fee is not subject to refund, irrespective of the application being accepted or rejected.

Sometimes, even after educating themselves with important tenant screening laws in Long Beach, there are instances when landlords end up making common mistakes that can also lead to some tricky consequences in the future.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by landlords while screening a Long Beach, CA tenant for their property:

#Mistake 1: Fail To Process a Proper Background Check

One of the most common screening mistakes made by Long Beach landlords is their inability to get permitted for a complete background check. Such a mistake is committed in tenant screening when the landlords suppose to get a background check done, just on the account of the little information they contain from the potential tenant. In order to rectify this mistake and get permitted for a background check, Long Beach landlords need to get the applicant’s signature on the application form, ensuring mutual consent.

#Mistake 2: Neglecting to Conduct a Property Inspection before Letting the Tenant Move-In

Another mistake committed while screening Long Beach tenants costs landlords a hefty amount at the end of the lease term. To rectify this mistake, it is really important that you conduct a property inspection and document its state before the tenant moves in. You can use pictures, videos or any other form of documentation that can help as evidence, in case there is any form of damage to the property by the tenant. As important this may sound, neglecting this factor during the screening process is one of the most common mistakes made by Long Beach landlords.

#Mistake 3: Not Checking With Past Landlords

As a landlord, you only wish for the best tenants who will take care of your property as their own. But, some Long Beach landlords end up placing the wrong tenants at their property that did not deserve to be there in the first place. This is where the third most commonly made mistake while screening Long Beach tenants comes in! A lot of landlords just ignore or fail to check in with the past landlords of their tenants during the screening process. By doing so, they make a huge gap in conducting a proper verification about their applicants, in terms of their income and lifestyle standards. It is a bad practice when you ignore the part to check in with your tenants’ past landlords. Hence, it is crucial that you follow a consistent, vigilant and fair process of verification, each time you are required to screen a tenant for your Long Beach property.

#Mistake 4: Poor Communication

A case of poor communication or for that matter a lack of communication during screening can put you into a difficult situation with your tenant. For instance, if you notice a pet on your property only to realize later that nothing concerning the matter was discussed during the screening process; it will lead to no right on your part to disallow your tenant for keeping it. So, it is on to you to maintain a clear and smooth channel of communication with your Long Beach tenant, so that there are no chances of any miscommunication.

#Mistake 5: Creating a Weak Rental Contract

Another common mistake while screening Long Beach tenants is creating a weak rental contract that is not in the interest of the landlord. Your rental contract is the most important document that allows you the legal right to ensure the safety of your property. By ignoring little details or not following the right procedures in the rental contract, you will only create financial and legal troubles for yourself.

Long Beach tenant screening laws are really important to be understood, as they are the pillars that lead to a just application process between the two parties. From state laws to regulations implemented by the state authorities, there are a lot of factors that need to be carefully assessed and worked upon for a smooth deal between the landlord and the tenant.

When it comes to real estate and tenant screening laws, an experienced Long Beach Property Management company can help you find all the answers to your questions, ensuring a fair and smooth application process in the shortest time possible.

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