How Professional Property Management Can Maximize Your Retail Space + Shopping Center

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For over 30 years, RTI Properties, Inc. has specialized in multi-faceted property management from residential properties to office and retail spaces throughout Los Angeles County. Our team of real estate experts and property management specialists believe in providing transparent and efficient solutions that help property owners and investors maximize their values and returns, allowing them to grow their own portfolios.

If you’re in the market for premier property management for your retail space and/or shopping center, look no further than RTI Properties, Inc. With us, you can pick and choose the property management services and plans you need to keep your commercial properties thriving.

Full-Service Commercial + Retail Property Management in Long Beach, CA

  • » Property Inspections
  • » Repositioning Properties
  • » Tenant Screening + Acquisition
  • » Bookkeeping + Record-Keeping
  • » Renovations + Clean-Ups
  • » Rent Collection + Management
  • » Commercial Lease Writing
  • » Professional Advertising + Marketing
  • » Rent Increases + Lease-Ups
  • » Maintenance Management
  • » Commercial Vendor Management
  • » 24/7 Emergency Customer Service
  • » CAM Reconciliation
  • » Lease Abstracts

Retail Space and Shopping Center property management

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Commercial Property Management Made Easy | Improve Your Retail Space!

Are you the landlord of a retail store or shopping center? The challenges that come along with investing in and managing a commercial property can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to outsource some of the duties for Long Beach property management associated with your retail space or plaza, you can reap the rewards in not just saved time and stress–but also higher returns and property values that make your commercial investment all the more worthwhile. Here are some of the key tasks professional property management experts can take care of to better your commercial investments.

Compliance + Liability: It’s no secret that investing in a public space, such as a retail store or shopping center, comes with its own set of responsibilities and jurisdiction. Quite literally, a local property management expert will be well-versed in local laws and codes to help reduce hazards and legally protect your property from any potential lawsuits. In the event your commercial space encounters a compliance or liability issue, an experienced property management company will be able to help you navigate the proper solution that reduces overall impact.

Professional Third-Party Communication: Whether you’re managing residential or commercial property, customer service matters. This means responding to your tenants and lessees quickly and providing a prompt solution. In many cases, it’s helpful to have a third-party property manager to handle all tenant communications. This will ensure a healthy, professional tenant-landlord relationship while easing commercial property owners of the burden of enforcing lease terms.

Track + Maintain Vendor Relationships: Similarly, for the success of your retail space or shopping center, it will be essential to facilitate and maintain beneficial vendor relationships. Whether you manage multiple properties or just have a long list of vendors for a single property, a local property management specialist will be able to track the frequency and quality of all your vendor services. This will ensure that you are maximizing your budget, and when necessary, a property management company can secure more cost-effective services from their roster of local professionals and resources.

Proactive Maintenance: In order to reduce tenant turnover while maintaining (and even increasing) foot traffic, it’s important to maintain the appearance and functionality of your retail space or shopping center. A professional property management company can help commercial landlords such as yourself with larger maintenance tasks and projects, including but not limited to the following:

  • » Roof
  • » Building Exterior
  • » HVAC
  • » Parking Lots
  • » Landscaping

Another benefit of partnering up with a local property management team is that these local experts will be able to secure the most competitive bids for any repairs, maintenance, or remodeling your commercial property requires.

Competitive New Leases + Renewals: The success of any property’s values and returns is a result of long-term tenants and low vacancy rates. Professional property managers will have the resources and experience in the market to conduct research and secure lease rates that are competitive with other retail spaces and shopping centers in your area. They can also be helpful for giving your vacancies a competitive edge when acquiring quality tenants to fill a vacant space in your commercial property. Check out the article by RTI Los Angeles Property management experts for leasing tips to avoid potential vacancy issues and to increase tenants for the Los Angeles rentals during Off-season..

Increase Your Property Values: Commercial properties in superb condition with high rates of tenant satisfaction are hot commodities on the market. Many investors are willing to pay above the market price for a retail space or shopping center that looks and functions beautifully, which allows the original landlord to reap in returns and profits. A savvy property management team will pinpoint areas of potential growth for your commercial property and maximize them, whether you decide to hold onto the investment as a nest egg or sell to an eager investor.

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