Inglewood, CA Real Estate Home Values Trends

In case you want to own or sell a home or hire one in Inglewood, CA then RTI Properties Inc, Property Management Company has real estate market trends for you. The great assistance of our Inglewood Property Management professionals are indeed for choosing the right rental property whether it is about residential or commercial property in Inglewood, CA.

Inglewood, CA Home Values Trends:

Trends in Inglewood indicate a 9.5% increase in median home sales price over last year. There are predictions that it will further rise by 6.0% within next one year. Median Homes Sales Price is $553,300 with the rate of $ 407 per sq. Ft. The median price of homes in Inglewood is $549,900 for homes currently listed, and the median price of sold homes is $511,400. In Inglewood, 0.6 homes are foreclosed for every 10,000, which is less than the national value of 1.2. Foreclosures will be an impacting factor in the home prices in the coming years. Currently, 181 homes are listed out of which 36 condos $ 1 foreclosures.

Foreclosed Homeowners Underwater in Inglewood, CA:

The Bubble’s impact of 2008 lowered down home values countrywide by 20% from their peak in 2007 to the lowest in 2011. In Inglewood, 1.0% of homes are delinquent mortgages, a less than the national value of 1.1%. Many homeowners have not been able to pay back mortgage loans. Many homeowners (4.1%) are under still underwater since they owe to financial institutions more than the present value of their property.

Rental Market Trends in Inglewood, CA

Rental trends in Inglewood show an increase in median rent per month by 6% from previous year. The median home rent value is $ 3,098.The average rent for an apartment is $1,685 (737 sq. ft.average apartment size), which is a 6% increase than the previous year when the average rent was $1,596.

Studio apartments (446 sq. ft.average apartment size) rent for $1,070, one bedroom (680 sq. ft.average apartment size) at an average $1,655 a month, 2- bedroom (951 sq. ft.average apartment size)at average rent of $2,055 per month & 3-bedroom (1,166 sq. ft.average apartment size) at average rent of $2,515 Inglewood apartment are in the rent -ranges of:

> $2,000——–7%.

Big Development around New Train Stations, in Inglewood, CA:

A decade from now, the city will give a different look. The architects are planning to add a multi-billion dollar NFL stadium, a new Metro rail line, and huge real estate investment in Inglewood, CA. The plans are underway to design dense, close housing and commercial development around train stations. The plan paves the way for multi-structures comprising; art studios, light manufacturing, hotels, shops, and breweries, with buildings up to six stories tall. There is thought that California is in the midst of a serious housing shortage, and professionals say that the only solution is to construct housing, commercial and allied works required to cope with the in-flow traffic and needs of the society.

*Based on data updated October 2018.
**Based on data updated November 2018.