Lawndale, CA Real Estate Housing Marketing Trends

RTI Properties Inc, Property Management Company has analyzed some market trends for the assistance of its customers who want to buy, sell or rent a property in Lawndale, CA. Need assistance of the Lawndale Property Management professionals for finding a rental home? Your search is over.

Housing Marketing Trends* in Lawndale, CA:

Housing trends in Lawndale have gone high by 2.6 % in prices of median home sales price over last one year. The prediction is that it will further boom to 5.7 % in next year. In October 2018, Median Homes Sales per sq. Ft rate is $ 420 with median home price as $ 537,900. The median price of homes which are currently listed is $ 619,950, while median rent of sold is $ 498,900. Foreclosures shall be affecting the home prices in the coming years. Given increasing trends in home prices and grand business activities in Lawndale, it is likely to remain a seller’s market.

Foreclosed Homeowners in Pain in Lawndale, CA:

2008’s Bubble impact brought affected the real estate market in the United States by lowering its values by 20% from their peak in 2007 to the trough in 2011. In Lawndale, 0.6 % is still delinquent mortgages which are more than the national average of 1.1%. Many homeowners in Lawndale failed to synchronize with the mortgage finance companies. Many homeowners (5.2%) are suffering financial pain because they owe to financial institutions more than the present value of their home.

Lawndale, CA Rentals**:

Rental trends overview an increase in median rent by 6% from last year. The median home rent per month exists in the range of $2,200. In Lawndale,.The average rent for an apartment remains at $1,236 per month (473 sq. ft. average apartment size), 6% higher than the last year when the average rent was $1,162.The rent of Studio apartments(387 sq. ft. average apartment size) is $ 1265, one bedroom apartment ( 558 sq. ft. average apartment size)at an average $1,208 a month , 2- bedroom apartment at an average rent of $1,744 a month and 3-bedroom apartment at average rent of . Lawndale, CA Apartment Rents are in the ranges of:


*Based on data updated October 2018.
**Based on data updated November 2018.