How To Implement Out-Of-The-Box Solutions For Your Los Angeles Commercial Property

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Los Angeles is not just the City of Angels; it’s the city of dreams with creativity to boot. With so many opportunities in off-the-wall careers and industries, L.A. is no stranger when it comes to innovation and thinking outside the box. That’s why Los Angeles property owners shouldn’t just settle for run-of-the-mill property management services and solutions.

With over 30 years of experience throughout Los Angeles County, RTI Properties, Inc. is responsible for an array of residential and commercial properties, including HOAs. We’ve seen the market change and trends come and go, but our experts stop at nothing to grow values and portfolios along the way.

Do you want to learn more about how to make creative ideas and initiatives take the lead in your commercial property management strategy?

Keep reading for some helpful hacks from our property management specialists and real estate experts!

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions For Your Los Angeles Commercial Property

Creativity Is the New Office

When it comes to your commercial property in such an enormous city, property managers and owners shouldn’t shy away from daring to be different. Anything that helps your property stand out only gives you an edge in such a competitive, saturated market. With that said, appealing to certain trends will allow your commercial property to reach newer, niche audiences.

Lately, the trend for commercial office spaces is the open floor plan. These layouts are highly influenced by minimalism and include lots of natural light.

Furthermore, newer offices and companies are getting creative with communal spaces to increase a sense of fulfillment among employees for better productivity and outlook. Think cereal bars, video games in the break room, etc. More often than not, these innovative commercial offices are located at retrofitted warehouses in a former industrial zone that’s become an up-and-coming neighborhood–not the traditional downtown setting that people picture when they think about city commercial office spaces.

If you’re an owner of commercial office space in Los Angeles, considering trends like the creative office in Los Angeles will keep you relevant to new businesses and lessees. Even if your building’s structure doesn’t fit certain trends to a tee, renovations and creative overhauls can transform your commercial property into a unique entity–perhaps sparking an entirely new trend.

For example, one financial company’s Los Angeles branch decided to take on new construction to build a warehouse-style creative office within their high-rise building. The sky truly is the limit!

Full-Service + Innovative Solutions

Before conducting a creative overhaul for your commercial property, it’s important to have efficient property management and lessee services that minimize your overhead. At RTI Properties, Inc., we offer a full spectrum of property management plans and solutions customized for each client. Keep your commercial property running smoothly with effective services that stabilize your leases and allow for growth, such as:

  • » Financial Reporting
  • » Accounting Services
  • » Ongoing + Preventative Maintenance
  • » Invoice Payment + Management
  • » Vendor Management
  • » Monthly Inspections
  • » Budget Planning
  • » Consulting
  • » Lease Negotiations
  • » Lease Writing
  • » Lease-Ups
  • » Tenant Acquisition
  • » Expense Reports + Management

For more information about our commercial property management services and discuss a potential plan that’s right for you, contact us directly at 310.532.5994.

Innovative Solutions and Full Service for Los Angeles Property Management

Assessing Creative Initiatives For Your Commercial Property

When commercial property owners and landlords begin to think outside the box, the potential of their lease pool exponentially grows. Whether you’re trying to attract a new start-up with a creative office space or stand out with unique, modern architecture, it’s crucial to get creative when developing your property’s competitive edge. For property owners and managers alike, embracing the process will be part of your creative recipe’s success.
Here are some additional factors to consider when your commercial property management team opts for breaking new ground and spearheading out-of-the-box initiatives!

» Prepare Your Current Tenants for The Process

For any new creative undertaking at your commercial property, there’s an element of risk involved. That’s why it’s important to retain and stabilize your current leases. Before even undergoing the process of new construction and/or conversion, be sure to inform your tenants and keep them in the loop every step of the way. Managing expectations throughout the process will allow commercial property owners and managers to troubleshoot the inevitable disruptions for current lessees.

» Do Your Research + Answer Questions Early On

More often than not, innovating your commercial property will require local city permits and clearance. In preparation, make sure you do your homework and get all of your initial questions answered early. As you navigate the permit process, a third-party property management team can come in handy. Having your ducks in a row and compliance secured will only streamline the construction or remodeling phase further down the road.

» Put Together A Strong Team

The ultimate goal for your commercial property’s creative initiative is to appeal to new audiences, enhance property values, and increase tenant retention. In order to achieve these goals, you will need a team of experts and specialists to help manage and carry out the project to completion! Real estate experts and innovative architects will have the resources and expertise to make the right decisions to help secure high-profile or ideal leases.

» Budget For The Unexpected

Creative overhauls are major endeavors that require budgeting for time, labor, and safety measures. From the beginning, be sure to budget for any unexpected expenses that will undoubtedly come up along the way.

» Always Keep The Client In Mind

Creative initiatives and out-of-the-box solutions are frequently subject to change. No matter what comes up or what gets altered throughout the process, be sure to keep your target niche audience in mind. You want to create a space that your ideal lessee or tenant envisions staying in the long-term.

Creative + Comprehensive Commercial Property Management For A Creative City

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