Winter Safety Tips To Keep Your Properties and Tenants Safe This Season

‘Tis The Season To Be Prepared

Even in sunny California, it’s important for property owners and managers to get ready for the winter season. No matter if your residential properties are homes, apartments, or condos, winter is known to be one of the slower seasons for any rental market, as well as the most dangerous with an increase in hazards and crime. With the right property management team and resources, preparation and maintenance for the winter months can be easy, and your rentals can eliminate winter-related risks and injuries, including:

  • » Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • » House Fires
  • » Liable Slips + Falls

Keep Your Properties and Tenants Safe In Winter/Holiday Season

For over 30 years, RTI Properties, Inc. has managed residential and commercial properties throughout Los Angeles County, offering world-class expertise and resources that increase property values and streamline daily operations. Are you too busy to handle all of the maintenance and preparation for the winter and holiday season on your own? Keep reading to learn some savvy winter safety tips for your Los Angeles property, and feel free to contact us for a free consultation at 310.532.9122.

Winter Safety Checklist

Before we dive in, let’s cover some of the important tasks that ought to be on any property manager’s radar to prioritize winter safety. In preparation of the season, be sure to tackle the following:

  • » Contact your local HVAC professional for an inspection, repairs, and/or maintenance.
  • » Make sure all exterior wood is painted, caulked, and sealed.
  • » Ensure that your masonry and hard surfaces are sealed.
  • » Contact your local plumbing professionals to inspect your drains and sewer lines.
  • » Clean out your rain gutters.
  • » Clean any chimneys and order firewood for tenants.
  • » Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • » Shut down the pool and sprinkler system and drain outdoor faucets.

More Winter Safety Tips For Your Los Angeles Property

Are you a Los Angeles landlord that wants to go above and beyond for your tenants and lessees this season? Our property management experts at RTI Properties, Inc. have some extra winter safety tips to add to your repertoire!

» Prevent Residential Fires

Did you know that Christmas trees are one of the major causes of house fires that occur during the winter season (National Fire Protection Association)? An increase in cooking, heating, and electrical problems all add up to a higher risk of sparking a fire at your property and tenants’ homes.

Be sure to remind your tenants via posted signs and/or emails that many residential fires are started because something flammable is too close to a flame or source of light or heat. With this in mind, it’s important to remember to turn off extra electricity in the form of Christmas lights and decorations and blow out any candles, which are more popular in the winter months.

» Check Your Smoke Alarms

Two out of three residential fire fatalities are caused by non-working or absent smoke alarms. As a property owner and/or manager, it is your responsibility to replace any installed smoke alarms every 10 years to protect your tenants from this alarming statistic. While checking the installation date of your property’s smoke alarms and replacing the ones that have already expired, also be prepared to replace any dead batteries. If it’s your tenant’s responsibility to maintain their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as outlined in their lease or contract, remind them via signs, emails, etc. to check them this winter season.

» Clean All Rain Gutters

Even in Los Angeles, winter brings the promise of a rainy season (albeit brief), so it will be important to thoroughly clean your rain gutters to protect the structural integrity of your property. Keep in mind that if left unattended, a clogged gutter can cause more costly problems down the road. When debris from your property’s roof slides into your rain gutters, this causes clogs that can threaten the foundational level of your property! Beat the build-up by having your rain gutters cleaned by a professional as part of your yearly winter maintenance checklist.

» Have Your HVAC System Inspected

Even in California and the Los Angeles Basin, nightly temperatures reach new lows, and heating is still important during the winter and holiday season. As a landlord or property manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your tenants and residents have to work, zero-risk heating systems. In preparation for winter, be sure to have your local HVAC professional inspect your property’s vents and furnaces to ensure that they are in tip-top shape!

» Don’t Forget To Lock Up

With extra visitors, guests, and foot traffic throughout the winter and holiday season, remember to remind tenants about securing their homes and double-checking all locks and bolts before going to bed, running errands, and leaving town for any holiday festivities.

If you want to invest in surefire safety for your property this winter and all year round, you ought to consider offering smart locks in your residential homes, units, and/or facilities. These smart devices are extremely more convenient than traditional locks since they can be accessed remotely, keeping homes and common areas ultra-safe. This allows you and your tenants to rest assured knowing that they are protected against intruders and break-ins!

» Put Timers On Indoor Lights + Lamps

If you don’t already do this, try putting home lamps or holiday lights on timers this winter season. Whether it’s for facilities on your property or within homes and units, this small act can deter any crime by giving the appearance that space if fully occupied and/or under surveillance. This also allows you and/or your tenants to save on energy costs!

Happy Holidays From RTI Properties, Inc.

At RTI Properties, Inc., we wish all of our valued clients and tenants a safe and sound winter to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. For more information on property management winter safety tips, or to consult our services for extra helping hands this winter, contact us today by calling 310.532.9122 or leave us a message here.