Managing Your Properties and Common Areas During Social Distancing

The world is undergoing many revolutionary changes currently because of a current global pandemic COVID-19. It has changed how we live our daily lives; it has brought changes to how businesses operate; it has changed how we shop, going from in-store shopping to online shopping, even for everyday essentials. We’re working from home and teaching our kids at home. Property Management has become a form of law enforcement.

What many people haven’t realized that Property Managers have had to make changes in the way their communities live and operate too. Property management and tenants are struggling with transitions. The on-ground tasks that have always been essential, and often made the difference in how tenants saw their home, is now done in a virtual world.

Managing Your Properties and Common Areas During Social Distancing

The job of property managers has changed. You have to enforce social distancing instead of encouraging tenants to mingle and strengthen their community living. Every area, every detail of the property, must be thoroughly cleaned every day.

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Manage Your Properties and Common Areas:

» Daily Cleaning Regime Is Now A Disinfecting Necessity

Property managers have to do more than just making sure the property is clean. Now, you must make sure to adequately disinfect every area of the property, especially common spaces. Not only do they need to worry about their tenants being safe, but their staff too.

To keep the required 6-foot social distancing, schedule your staff to clean the communal areas during off-peak times, and seal those areas off from being entered while during the cleaning times. From door handles to light switches, elevator buttons to staircase rails to the mailbox areas. Every elevator should have sanitizer disposers on each floor.

» Are the Amenities Coming Back?

Property managers have always taken the perks of their property to sell it on potential tenants and to keep current tenants onboard. Now, you’re having to close it all off for general use and limit group gatherings. The clubhouse, gym, parks, and swimming pools are off-limits now, but they won’t be forever, and you need to let your tenants know this. Keep them apprised of the updates by local, state, and federal laws when this part of their community life will return to normal. Remind them that you’re following CDC recommendation of 6-foot social distancing for their safety and well-being.

» Maintenance Requirement Portal Is Essential

All of your residents need to have access to online communication with property managers, and property managers need to be prompt in responding. Many apartment communities have online payment and maintenance requirement portals. Upgrade this to include all essential documents and a complaint channel. Property management needs to make emergency contact numbers easily found online and add the property’s action plan as well to keep your tenants informed so they know what to do and when. An open line of communication is more critical now more than ever.

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» Service Provider Restrictions

Property Managers must set guidelines and enforce restrictions on their maintenance staff as well as establish trusted sources. Mail and package deliveries must be off the premises, and residents should be made aware of this temporary ruling.

If on-site and in-apartment repairs or other services are essential, the crew should be sprayed with a disinfectant entering a resident’s home. Service providers must use protective gear like masks for their protection and the tenant’s safety.

» Personal Tours Are On Hold

For many property managers, evictions and extensions are top of the concern list and are being revamped. Those personal property tours were the chance to show off the amenities and get to know the prospective tenant more. For now, that routine must change as required social distancing requirements are in place.

If you don’t have a virtual tour on your website already, this is the time to create one and upload it now. Anyone looking for a new home is in the same boat, and they are looking for these virtual tours as a way to make their decision on their future home.

When a prospective tenant is ready to lock in the deal, property managers must be prepared to handle the paperwork and process online now. Video chat and online contract and lease e-sign is the new way to handle onboarding new tenants. Doing as much as you can online and virtual will minimize, even eliminate, in-person meetings.

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Additional Social Distancing Practices

  • » Once a property has been vacated, allow additional time for your staff to go beyond the traditional make-ready. It must be disinfected from top to bottom now.
  • » Stay in tune with state and local social distancing orders and align your property plans accordingly.
  • » Display signage that designates where gatherings are not allowed, and the 6-foot social distancing is required.

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