Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Your Commercial Property Landscaping Services

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Your Commercial Property Landscaping Services

While upgrading and maintaining a commercial property, owners and managers want the space to look its best for existing and prospective tenants. In order to keep a commercial building looking fresh and in tip-top shape, you will want to focus your due diligence on regular maintenance of the premises, including any of the property’s landscaping needs. Whether your commercial building is occupied or vacant, landscaping services should always be factored into the maintenance budget to maintain consistent curb appeal for your commercial property.

Some of the common mistakes made when setting up a budget for commercial property maintenance and landscaping are discussed here in order to aid property owners and managers in optimal planning when taking care of a building and its grounds. Here at RTI Properties, Inc., our team of savvy property management professionals understand the importance of financial plan and ongoing maintenance efforts for long-term success and tenant satisfaction.

Commercial Property Landscaping Services

Keep your commercial property’s outdoor spaces looking spic and span all year round by avoiding some of these common blunders.

Neglecting Security + Safety

While planning the maintenance and landscaping budget for your commercial property, keep in mind that your main priority should be to ensure the safety of the pedestrian. Regardless of the size of your landscaping project or scope of services, the main aim is to ensure that walkways are clear and workers are safe while trimming and clearing trees, shrubbery, or debris. From the get-go, property owners and/or managers ought to ensure worker safety and inspect all completed landscape work to not just check the quality but for any potential risks that were missed.

When choosing a landscaping company, make sure that your building’s plans and services include recognizing and resolving hazards like: heaving pavement, fixing sunken sprinkler heads, removing dead and fallen limbs, trimming overgrown plant life, and etc. to reduce the places to hide for possible assailants and improve overall visibility for any pedestrians and visitors. Thorough landscaping services can also help with the prevention of leaks by eliminating any ice formations and/or erosion that can increase the risk of property damages and injuries.

Savvy property owners and managers should never overlook safety factor while designing and maintaining a landscape for a commercial space. On top of safety, security should also be a consideration when it comes to landscaping services.While designing and maintaining a commercial building’s grounds, trees and plants ought to be strategically planted, so they can be trimmed comfortably and exist as a monitoring system that adds security to the property. Moreover, keep in mind that sprinkler heads should not spray water onto surfaces that have foot traffic like pavements and paths.

Sticking With Outdated Designs

More often than not, people do not even fully notice the outward details of a commercial building or office–especially if they see it every day. In fact, they have a tendency to take such things for granted. But while planning the budget for commercial property management, an owner or manager should take it upon themselves to improve the curb appeal and entrances of the property. It’s important to keep in mind that potential visitors will look at your building as well as the landscaping design and gain a first impression of your commercial establishment. For overall success, it will be important to make this first impression a lasting one. With this in mind, you don’t want your commercial property’s landscape to appear outdated or tired. Research current trends in landscape design or ask a landscaping technician how you can modernize the exterior of your commercial property within your budget.

Keeping Too Strict Of A Maintenance Budget

Keeping Too Strict Of A Maintenance Budget

The landscaping projects for a commercial property are subject to constantly change–unlike other maintenance tasks for buildings of its kind. If you want to plan a realistic budget for landscaping your commercial property, then be sure to outline a clear strategy that anticipates any changing needs for your building’s outdoor surroundings–as it is a dynamic process. Your budget should also factor in the cost of clearing up the debris.

No matter what, commercial property owners and managers can expect that their premises might require more attention as the years go by. Trees will need to be pruned and thinned, and renovations will be needed in turf areas as well as shrubbery. Surrounding plant life has the potential to cover your windows and adversely affect surveillance monitoring by encroaching on sidewalk areas and actual cameras. Also, while planning the budget for landscaping at a commercial property, owners and managers ought to plan in advance for unexpected things like floods, ice storms, tornadoes, snow, and etc. as this type of weather can affect your building’s surroundings significantly. Be sure to also include a place for cleaning the drains after the storm, removal of limbs, unclogging gutters, de-icing sidewalks while planning a budget for commercial property landscaping.

Missing The Big Picture

Initially, you can make judgments about the landscaping budget on the basis of the Profit and Loss statement for your real estate investment, but before making any final decisions, it’s advised that property owners and managers think about the long-term benefits of landscaping services in regards to your vision and goals for the building and/or commercial space. For instance, outdoor areas should at least be comfortable for employees, visitors, etc. In order to retain business tenants and leases, it’s also important to ensure safety for accessing parking and entrances to the building, business, or company. Paying attention to seemingly simple details like this can potentially increase productivity and morale, as well as increase tenant loyalty–reducing your real estate investment’s turnover rate.

Similarly, you should also consider the things that are good for your tenant’s clients and customers while planning the budget for landscaping at your commercial property. These days, many clients and customers expect cohesion in the words and actions of the companies they do business with or work for. Landscaping is one of many opportunities to let the ideals of a business and commercial speak through impeccable design.

Forgetting To Upgrade The Irrigation System

When it comes to landscaping, commercial property owners and managers will need to replace an irrigation system before it’s outdated or faulty. For the most efficiency, you’ll want to give your irrigation regular maintenance, so your landscaping services can continue uninterrupted. Thus, while planning a budget for commercial property landscaping, you should factor in how much it would cost to replace your irrigation system. Doing so will save you costs in the long run by decreasing water waste and lowering monthly utility bills. By installing recent innovations into your commercial property’s irrigation system, such as efficient controllers and smart heads, you can deliver the right quantity of water when and where it’s needed without any leaks or dripping. With this in mind, your system will not just save lots of water but also permit your plants to grow well and beautify the property.

Neglecting Entrances, Exits, Corridors, + Etc.

If you have installed containers for waste and benches to sit on for your commercial property, keep in mind that these fixtures have the potential to deteriorate if they’re not well-maintained. When incorporating landscaping service into your budget, be sure to pay special attention to the building’s access points as well as common areas such as lobbies and hallways–since these spaces often incur the most foot traffic.

Can A Nice Landscape Be Affordable

Can A Nice Landscape Be Affordable?

The answer is yes. If your commercial space or building doesn’t have a big budget for maintenance, let alone landscaping services, plan for a smaller budget and work with a contractor to design a landscape within your allocated spending. A good landscape designer can create architectural designs on a limited budget. You can also consider developing your landscape in phases or segments, so you can complete your project gradually within your financial limits.

Increasing Costs Of Landscaping Services

The increasing cost of labor is one of the biggest factors to consider while planning a budget for commercial property landscaping. The short supply of competent workers can be the main reason behind these increased labor costs. The wages of good workers are going up due to increasing competition among landscaping businesses. Moreover, keep in mind that the cost of materials and equipment required for landscaping, including trees, fertilizer, and etc. are also rising.

How RTI Properties, Inc. Can Help You

Here at RTI Properties, Inc., our team of professionals have been serving Los Angeles County for over 30 years with the full gamut of property management services for residential and commercial property owners alike. From retail spaces to office buildings, our property management specialists take care of financial reporting, maintenance, tracking invoices, tenant acquisition, and more to ultimately maximize returns, increase property values, and grow your real estate investment portfolio. Do you have additional questions about how to factor landscaping services into your property’s maintenance budget? Don’t hesitate to contact our commercial leasing specialists with any questions by calling (310) 532-5470. You can also request a free commercial property management quote on our website!