5 Landscaping Tips to Maintain your San Pedro Rental Property

When you are a landlord, you have too many things to take care of. From retraining tenants to ensuring a consistent rental stream, there’s a lot on your plate. RTI Properties provides professional rental property management services to property owners and landlords in Los Angeles County. We are aware of how property management can be cumbersome for busy landlords.

Whether you want to maintain your rental property or need to hire contractors for landscaping, here are the best landscaping tips for the success of San Pedro property management.

San Pedro Property Management

Best Landscaping Tips for Successful Rental Property Management

1. Invest in Professional Landscaping Equipment

If you want to maintain the landscape of your rental property like a pro, you have to use professional-grade equipment. For example, purchase a high-quality tractor for helping with your landscaping efforts.

A tractor comes in handy when you are building a retaining wall or a fishpond. You can also use it for planting shrubs, lifting or moving rocks, and sculpting the ground.

Consider the horsepower of a tractor before buying it for landscaping. Many property owners buy a tractor with too much horsepower. Check for other factors such as durability and maneuverability capabilities. Choose a reliable company for buying a compact sub-tractor for your property.

2. Incorporate Technology

A large part of your landscaping efforts involves knowing what to do when. From swapping out the garden mulch to turning on the sprinklers, there’s a lot to do to maintain your San Pedro rental property. Technology allows you to automate many of your tasks, saving time and effort.

The first step is to install an automatic sprinkler and customize it according to your property’s needs. That way, you won’t have to water your plants manually. Furthermore, mark upkeep tasks on your calendar. For example, fix a day for rotating the flowers or changing the mulch.

Set reminders for everything, so you get a reminder email or a pop-on on your phone whenever the time comes for a specific task. Thanks to automation, you won’t have to wrack your brain and only have to wait for the next reminder. Professional landscapers and gardeners vouch for the amazing benefits of a subtractor. They are easy to operate and work great for hauling material.

3. Pick Native Plants

When you plan your garden or flowerbed layout, choose local and native plants that thrive best in your climate. Since native plants easily adapt to the local environment, property owners require far less water and other natural resources to ensure regular upkeep.

Apart from offering habitat for several species of birds, native plants can also benefit the other wildlife species. If you are not sure, use the official USDA zone map to determine the most suitable plants that can grow successfully in your geographical region.

4. Don’t Focus on Trees and Plants Only

Although flowering trees and perennial plants are what every landscaping project needs, focus on other ideas. For example, turn your home garden into an oasis that doesn’t require more frequent upkeep.

For instance, you can create a flat rock walkway from the garage to the back patio. Some property owners set up a community space where everyone can enjoy evening fires or sit on benches. The whole idea is to add more value to your landscape and create an inviting space.

5. Set-up a Berm

A small mound of dirt or a berm is where you can plant trees and flowers. However, there are other benefits to this landscaping feature. First, the gentle slope of the mound supports drainage. Property owners don’t have to worry about overwatering their plants because extra water flows down the sides.

Second, a berm can become the focal point of your yard. Forget about dealing with extra elements or plants that need more maintenance. Add colorful flowers and plants to make it more unique.

Bonus Tip: Recruit Professional Landscaping Services

While these handy tips work great for reducing the landscaping burden around your property, sometimes you need a helping hand. If you manage multiple properties, ensuring regular upkeep and maintenance of every property is next to impossible. That’s why you can trust a professional and experienced property management company that offers affordable landscaping services.

RTI Properties Offers Professional San Pedro Property Management Services

RTI Properties is a leading property management company in Southern California. We have been helping property owners in San Pedro, CA, for decades so they can maintain their property without denting their bank account. We are proud to serve the entire San Pedro area and beyond so homeowners can get the maximum returns on their investment.

Our professional property managers offer customized landscaping solutions to maintain your commercial and residential property. Contact us today if you want to know more about getting professional landscaping services for successful San Pedro property management.