Commercial Property Management

Retail, Office, Industrial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

RTI Properties, Inc. provides best in class commercial property management services throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. We are ranked as one of the top Los Angeles County’s commercial property management companies. The knowledge and skills that are required to manage retail and offices are vastly different from the skill required to manage residential properties. Commercial property management companies need to have a real understanding of commercial real estate and how to oversee the all the details in keeping that retail property earning income for the owner of the property. We have done extensive market research that helps to grow fast and have long-term relationships between both owners and tenants. Our Staff of Property Management Professionals have unique skills and knowledge required for managing the office and retail property that sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Our team will help with property inspection, tenant screening to collecting rents and maintenance.

Commercial Property Management

Our team includes experienced property managers who create strategic business plans to enhance value or property and operating income. In today’s constantly changing commercial environment, many commercial property management companies in the Los Angeles area struggle to meet the needs of their clients. As a leading commercial property management company, we have a professional team that understands commercial real estate and has a clear understanding of local commercial markets. We use innovative ways to attract potential long-term tenants for the commercial properties they manage. At RTI Properties, Inc. we know how to present your unique property in the best possible light and will keep you updated on every aspect of your investment. We manage commercial properties throughout Southern California including retail, office and commercial property owner associations.

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RTI Properties, Inc. we handle exclusively retail shopping centers and other retail properties. Our team has a working knowledge of retail properties in both single small shops and large-scale properties like open or enclosed malls. As a retail property management company, our main job is to oversee the daily management of the retail property, the overall goals of a great retail property management company are to find the right long-term tenants. We help owners with the highest possible income from the property and to keep maintenance cost low, so more of that income goes into the owner’s pocket.

Our leasing agents will help in finding an ideal tenant for your retail property by marketing your property online. Our innovative approach helps in finding the long-term tenants to occupy the retail property and bring income both for the short and long term. Making frequent maintenance checks and overseeing any needed repairs quickly, is the key to keeping maintenance costs down. Also, a retail management company needs to keep open the lines of communication with the owner of the property and make themselves available to answer questions and explain their approach.

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Property Management Services

As a professional office property management company, we know how to make your office space or building stand out in a crowded market space of potential rental office spaces. Our property managers have a clear understanding of what potential tenants are looking for in a functioning office space and can communicate with the owner what improvements may be needed to make that space more appealing. Our experts know how to highlight the features that make a given space more attractive or unique.

Our Office property managers use creative and inventive strategies to increase occupancy rates and decrease turnover to maximize the owner’s return on their investment. A property management company needs to have a laser-like focus in every detail involved in managing that office space or building. We keep a complete financial accounting of all the income and every expenditure for the property.

Commercial/Office/Rental Leasing Specialist

When looking for a high-quality commercial property management company, you want a company that has a qualified leasing specialist that knows the commercial/office/ and rental space inside and out and can bring in the right tenants for each commercial property. Our commercial leasing specialist oversees every aspect up to the actual lease including advertising and marketing the property to potential tenants both locally and those looking to move their business to the Los Angeles area. We do through tenant screening process in place and be able to clearly explain the lease to tenants, so they understand their obligations under the lease.

Of course, as a commercial leasing specialist, we understand and follow all the local, state and Federal laws regarding the leasing of commercial properties as well as know how to make a long-term lease attractive to potential tenants.

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If you have invested in retail or office space and are looking for a knowledgeable commercial real estate property management company that can help you get the most out of your commercial property investment, then contact our commercial property management professionals and find out what we can do to help you make the most from your investment.

Our Retail and Property Management Includes:

Accounting and Financial Reporting

In our retail and office management services, we handle all the accounting,and financial reporting for your property is essential. We keep a record of all income and expenses for your property and know if your investment is making a profit.

Property Building Maintenance

You have invested time as well as money in that commercial property, and our retail and office property management experts will do frequent property inspections and oversee any needed repairs to preserve the value of your property and keep it attractive for the tenants who occupy the space.

Timely Payment of All Operating Invoices

As an owner of commercial property, you know that there are operating expenses related to the property. Our retail and property management includes the timely payment of all operating expenses so you can easily see what profit your property is bringing in.

Vendor Management

We will deal with all vendors for your property issuing any orders for goods or services, inspecting the products or services and negotiating prices for those goods and services to ensure that you get the best possible goods or services possible for the lowest possible price. We will also pay their invoices promptly.

Detailed Site Inspection with Monthly Property Reporting

We make frequent inspections to your property noting any needed maintenance and seeing to that maintenance. We also ensure that tenants are attending to their responsibilities by their lease. We will send you a monthly report stating the condition of your property and what maintenance was accomplishedfor the property and the cost of any maintenance work that was completed.

Detailed Budgeting and Preventative Maintenance

We provide our clients with professional accounting services to provide our clients with detailed budgets and long-range planning to help keep your expenses down. Our preventative maintenance services allow us to make small repairs before they become serious problems requiring more expensive repairs.

Lease Negotiations with Emphasis on Tenant Retention

Our goal as your commercial property management company is to find those long-term tenants so that your property earns you income today and in the foreseeable future. By treating your tenants with respect and attending to necessary repairs promptly, we position ourselves so that tenants want to remain on the property and react favorably to signing a new lease when it comes to leasing negotiations.

Detailed Focus on Expense Management and Revenue Enhancement

Our commercial property management team include financial accounts, which allows us to maintain detailed focus on managing the expenses for your property to keep costs low while we employee a combination of innovative and traditional methods to enhance the revenue for your commercial property.