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RTI Properties Inc. is a leading property management company that has been operating for more than three decades, specializing in fulfilling the needs of property owners and occupants in supervising their Culver City, CA properties. The reputation and expertise of our Culver City Property Management professionals is the standard approach of our expert local knowledge and satisfactory customer experience helping to enhance the incomes of the investors and property owners by providing full-service property management solution.

We are providing benefits to hundreds of Culver City property owners managing apartments, single family homes and commercial properties there while providing value-added services in listing rental properties in Culver City, CA.

Culver City Apartment Property ManagementApartment Managers

Even though the concerns of apartment building management are similar to the other residential properties, it is still rather different than the handling of single-family properties. These are multiplied by the number of units apartment property owners own in addition to any extra buildings like gyms, laundry amenities, etc. Therefore, their management is time-consuming and requires more effort than apartment complex owners can make. Our apartment property management team is primarily dedicated to offering high-quality services for decades, and they manage all tasks that you need help with no matter what size your apartment property may be. Here at RTI Properties Inc., our apartment property managers are available 24 hours a day for any assistance that apartment owners need by providing effective services, and assurance including:

Apartment Management Long Beach, CA
  • Background Checks:

    Complete background checks run for past exclusion records, crimes and other necessary information to select any forthcoming tenant. Our apartment management services authenticate any past or current landlord references, employment, and revenue.

  • Tenant Screening and Acquisition:

    Complete tenant screening and acquisition is carried out to help find out all kinds of information regarding a potential tenant basically for security purposes.

  • Management of Lease Renewals and Violations:

    Our property management company in Culver City, CA offers various services regarding the management of lease renewals and violations; the chief preparations include the house rules, mold, safe drinking water, natural gas safety, late fees notice, bed bugs, use of chemicals for pest control, etc.

  • Round the Clock Maintenance and Repair Service:

    RTI Properties Inc. provides the 24/7 apartment management services including all the repairs needed such as time frames, standards of receiving proposals and expected completion dates.

  • Tracking and Payment of all Taxes, Fees, and Mortgages:

    The total collection of all rents, taxes, fees or mortgages are carried out by the due date and recorded on the protected system.

  • Hiring and Managing Vendor:

    The hiring and managing of dealers are carried out in a very systematic way for helping out with necessary tasks such as maintenance of our clients’ apartments we are managing in Culver City, CA.

  • Budgeting Records and Maintaining:

    Monthly budgeting is carried out, and their records maintained in a secure system that can’t be gained access into without any authority.

  • Risk Liability:

    Every necessary step is taken to minimize the risk liability to the clients such as the need for tenants to preserve protection and give the evidence that is underwritten.

Culver City Property Management for Other Residential PropertiesApartment Managers

Culver City property managers at RTI Properties Inc. provide high standard services for residential property management which help the single-family property owners and those who have multi-family properties as well who own four units or less. To many, it may seem that these smaller properties are easy to manage without any assistance, but in reality, it gets tougher as you proceed. Some of the residential services that are offered include collection of rents, reviews for expenses and leases, background checks, property inspections, lease signings and the assessments of their violations, bookkeeping and lease enforcement, hiring and managing the vendors for repairs and maintenance, timely payments of taxes, fees and mortgages, fulfillment of service requests as well as the negotiations for leases.

Culver City Commercial Property ManagementApartment Managers

There is extreme diversity in Culver City, CA commercial property market that offers a range of buildings, detached retail complexes, warehouses and locations for tenancy. At RTI Properties, we provide a ‘Full-service’ solution of commercial property management for commercial property owners that guarantee the best results. Among the different types of property management options in the market available for the Culver City property owners, we offer the best commercial building and office property management to guarantee your convenience, peace of mind, and the possibility of focusing on other personal businesses. Our professionals are experts in providing you with exceptional industries and retail property management. With our Culver City Property Management, we can assist you with every phase of your commercial property management and maintenance, including:

Commercial Property Management Long Beach, CA
  • Acquiring tenants through strategized Commercial Property Marketing:

    Our property management services use well-targeted marketing strategy and websites for commercial property marketing thus improving the reach to publicize.

  • Developing your Property Profile

    A thorough evaluation is carried out regarding the local rental market which is based on the trends in the current market, its condition, facilities, and recently rented properties.

  • Occupancy of Vacant Spaces or Units

    Our commercial property managers keep track of any vacant spaces and make sure that all such spaces are accommodated by suitable and verified tenants to generate maximum return from your commercial property.

  • Monitoring of Lease Violations

    RTI Properties Inc. offer full-service commercial property management regarding the management of lease renewals and violations; the chief preparations include the house rules, late fees notice, etc.

  • Scheduled Property Inspections

    There are routine inspections, supervisions of repairs, interaction with tenants, implementation of house-rules and observing the owner paid service expenses.

  • Maintenance and Repair

    All the repairs are managed well and addressed to. These include time frames, standards of receiving proposals and probable completion dates.

  • Comprehensive and Transparent Financial Reporting:

    Regular reports are provided monthly to owners. They contain information about the rent received during the functioning month as well as the detailed expenses like those of repairs, utilities, and others.

  • Merchant and Contractor Supervision

    We have a wide network that includes top vendors and contractors who are associated with us in providing quality and value for money spent.

  • Rental Analysis to keep you Competitive

    Their services are careful with the properties that they are trusted with for their management and to produce a certain profit for the clients.

Our Property Management Services for Culver City Prospective Tenants Apartment Managers

RTI Properties, Inc. is the leading property management companies in Culver City, CA makes the rental process easier for the prospective tenants and current residents. The tenants are kept happy and satisfied while the interests of property owners are protected. Whether you try for a new home or maintain your older one, our team is there to offer a 24/7 support system providing property management services for prospective tenants and residents. The tenants are helped through the process right from the introduction, the selection, moving in, and keeping the property. There is an online portal service available as well to make your leasing experience even better. The tenants also have the option of using their web portal for any maintenance requests or view monthly statements, financial receipts, and even pay rent online. If there are any problems regarding any repairs faced by tenants or residents, they can always even call up email them.

We Know How Challenging is the Culver City Rental Market and Property Management Business:Apartment Managers

The Culver City rental market and property management business is a successful one but also very challenging because of the continuous update in the knowledge regarding industries. Our Culver City property management team uses the latest technology to symbolize customers at the highest level. Their services provide the 24/7 protected access to the online website. This way you may monitor all activities affecting your property in any way regarding any information on expenditures, maintenances, and tenancy. The team synchronizes all of your property needs for the customer’s maximum revenue. The collection of payments or maintenances as well as the screening of renters won’t be the customer’s problem.

About Culver City, CA:

Culver City is situated in western Los Angeles County, California. It is a flourishing city with 39,000 residents and the hub of a lively film, television, and radio industry. This city is where to reside the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures Entertainment, National Public Radio West and the NFL Network Studio. It is amazing for art lovers, expensive dining, and beautiful sceneries.

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There are tons of recreational activities. Other than that, people looking for any investment in properties in Culver City can visit this city since the RTI Properties Inc. providing property management services in Culver City and has been serving throughout Southern California for over thirty years. They offer the greatest services for investors that include marketing, tenant screening, maintenance, accounting, and management. All kinds of exclusive or non-exclusive options are available as well as great discounts!

Why Choose Our Culver City Property Management Team?Apartment Managers

  • Reputation and Experience:

    Being a leading company in the Culver City property management, our property managers have tons of experience and have developed a very prominent reputation in the property management industry.

  • Wide Network:

    The experienced professional staff has worked with residents, wholesalers, and owners. They know the day-to-day processes of managing property the necessary steps needed to satisfy their working relationship.

  • Low Vacancy Rates with High-Quality Tenants:

    The experienced professional staff has worked with residents, wholesalers, and owners. They know the day-to-day processes of managing property the necessary steps needed to satisfy their working relationship.

  • Expertly Market your Residential or Commercial Property:

    We use strategic marketing record to advertise client’s commercial and residential properties and knowshow to market expertly to get the maximum renter leads in a short period.

  • Property Preservation and Repositioning:

    Our Culver City property management team is highly qualified to relocate any bothered properties and secure the stable ones so that any problems affecting the properties are handled well. They use a tactical plan that helps manage delayed major preservation improvements.

  • Enhance Property Value:

    Our property managers can help suggest as well as handle any improvements necessary for increasing revenue which undoubtedly enhance the property value.

  • Reduce Taxes and Maximize your Income:

    RTI Properties Inc. provide convenient services to help the customers understand all the tax deductions that can be utilized and property management fees can also be reduced.

  • Rule Enforcement:

    Our convenient services help make sure that you have been dealing with fair housing laws together with 65 rules and regulations which includes the property inspection for any health or safety issues that might be challenging.

  • Legal Issues:

    Our professional team of legal practitioners handles the legal issues regarding reimbursement, accountability insurance policies and RRP.

  • Online Resident Portal Access:

    Our Culver City property management services are offering 24/7 protected access to the online website. This way you may monitor all activities affecting your property in any way regarding any information on expenditures, maintenances, and tenancy.

If you own properties in Culver City, CA, then you need to partner with RTI Properties Inc. Our Culver City Property Management services cover all aspects of property maintenance in Culver City to help you achieve your vision. Contact us today or Call us now at 310.532.5994 to see how it becomes so easy for you when we start managing your Culver City, CA property!