Why choose RTI Properties?

  • You will experience Best in Class Service
  • You will have TOTAL access to a state of the art and MOST transparent system in the industry.

What kind of properties do we manage and where?

  • We manage various types of properties all over Southern California, including but not limited to: apartment buildings, office space and retail centers.

What are the property management fees?

  • RTI offers a competitively priced fee structure . Once we assess your property, we can give you a specific management fee quote.

How do you determine what to charge for rent when there are vacancies?

  • We conduct a detailed market analysis of vacant units within an appropriate radius of the property, taking into account not only upgrades, amenities, finishes, but also some proprietary metrics that we have developed at RTI.

How do you qualify potential tenants?

  • RTI performs a complete background check including credit, criminal, employment verification and rental history.

How do my tenants pay their rent?

  • Residents are offered multiple options to ensure rents are collected on time. RTI’s website allows online payments free of charge.  Your tenants can also make secure electronic payments at numerous convenience stores.

Who do my tenants call in case of after hour emergencies?

  • RTI has a dedicated after-hours line specific to this need, with staff available as needed. In addition, all non-emergency requests can be submitted online through the tenant portal.

How often is my property visited? 

  • As often as is needed to optimize its operations. RTI also gives you the option of seeing your property from your home or smart phone by having cameras installed in the common areas. We also perform periodic inspections of the units to identify possibly preventive maintenance needed before they become costly and/or compliance issues for owners.