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Over 30 Years Of Proven Success With Glendale, CA Property Management

RTI Properties, Inc. has been working closely with residential and commercial property owners since 1986 to ensure that clients stay on the cutting-edge in an ever-changing market while residents remain satisfied over the long-term. Our team utilizes only the latest and greatest in property management resources, processes, tools, and software to meet and exceed the goals for owners of single-family homes, multi-story buildings, commercial complexes, apartment buildings, and more.

We’re experts at optimizing your rental listings and minimizing vacancies, so you don’t have to worry about cash-flow on your property investments. Choose success with RTI, Properties Inc. Contact us directly at (310) 532-9122 to tell us all about your property management needs.

Glendale Apartment Property ManagementProperty Management in Glendale, CA

At RTI Properties, Inc., we provide property management services tailored to your apartment rentals. From rent collection and maintenance to marketing services that secure the right tenants, our team of savvy professionals can act as accountants, diplomats, managers, and more to ensure smooth and seamless operations for your apartment building or complex. Not only do we provide property management services at a value that works for your overall budget, but we also build customized plans in which you choose our team’s involvement in your property investment, depending on your schedule and workload. No matter the strategy, increasing your apartment building’s ROI is our top priority. RTI Properties, Inc. can handle the following for your apartment rentals:

Property Management in Glendale, CA - Apartment Management Glendale, CA
  • Background Checks

    In order to ensure high returns, consistency and reliability from tenants is key. That’s why we provide apartment owners the service of running background and credit checks for any prospective renters. On top of checking for past delinquencies, evictions, or crime convictions, our team also confirms references from previous landlords according to your specifications.

  • Tenant Screen + Acquisition

    We help you secure quality, long-term tenants by providing detailed screening services as part of the application process for vacancies in your Glendale apartment building.

  • Management Of Lease Renewals Or Violations

    To take on some of the workload from apartment owners, our team organizes and manages leasing contracts to guarantee timely collections and direct response when any defaults or legal violations occur.

  • 24/7 Maintenance Or Repair Service

    The overall condition of your property is crucial to its overall value and tenant satisfaction. As a result, our apartment property management team keeps track of all essential utilities and provides efficient, around-the-clock attention to any needed repairs.

  • Payment Tracking For For Taxes, Fees, And Mortgages

    As part of your apartment property management services, our seasoned professionals act as accountants on your property’s behalf–handling taxes, mandatory fees, and mortgages, so that your account remains current and up-to-date.

  • Hiring + Managing Vendors

    When it comes to your apartment building’s overall maintenance, our team takes on the responsibility of hiring and communicating with quality vendors for any recurring tasks that are vital to successful operations for your property.

  • Budgeting Records + Ongoing Bookkeeping

    Our team of accounting experts can track and organize all of your property’s expenses by means of thorough bookkeeping, so your apartment property can make the most of its budget.

  • Risk Liability

    When our team manages your apartment building or complex, we take on risk assessment and management to eliminate any possible liabilities for you as the owner.

Glendale Property Management For Other Residential PropertiesProperty Management in Glendale, CA

At RTI Properties, Inc. we pride ourselves in offering full-service support for a wide range of property types. In addition to apartment buildings and complexes, our host of services also encompass single-family units and homes in the Glendale area. As part of your residential property management services, our team of professionals will handle screening for optimal applicants, timely rent collection, ongoing maintenance, and more.

Maintaining and increasing your property’s value is of the utmost importance–that’s why our property management experts are specially trained in bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing single-family listings. When working with your residential portfolio, our team of professionals builds a customized plan that targets your overall goals to maximize your property’s longevity and returns. From security deposits to evictions, RTI Properties, Inc. ensures that your property investment remains compliant as well as lucrative–because ultimately, the success of your residential unit matters to us.

Glendale Commercial Property ManagementProperty Management Glendale, CA

When it comes to managing commercial property investments in the Glendale area, RTI Properties, Inc. is a trusted and established source for expertise in the business sector. We plan for financial success and implement profitable yet cost-effective daily operations for a diverse host of commercial properties, including but not limited to: warehouses and industrial spaces, stand-alone retail buildings, entire retail shopping centers, multi- or single- tenant office buildings.

Depending on your type of commercial property, our team of experts will meet the specific stipulations of your investment and venture by handling the administrative functions that you think would benefit from our suite top-ranking commercial property management.

Commercial Property Management Glendale, CA
  • Commercial Property Marketing + Tenant Acquisition

    Our professionals at RTI Properties, Inc. are well-versed and experienced in crafting marketing strategies that target the reliable tenants you’re looking for your commercial property listing(s).

  • Developing Your Property Profile

    In order for your commercial property to stand out to prospective tenants that meet your criteria and qualifications, our team of adept property managers build a strong, high-quality profile that’s segmented towards optimal target markets.

  • Occupancy Of Vacant Spaces Or Units

    Boosting the ROI of your commercial property is our highest priority and guarantee at RTI Properties, Inc., so we ensure that all vacant spaces are leased or rented out to approved, trustworthy tenants.

  • Monitoring Lease Violations

    When violations or late payments occur, our team of property management experts take immediate action and use direct response to minimize and eliminate any profit losses.

  • Scheduled Property Inspections

    At RTI Properties, Inc., we conduct routine inspections and evaluations because we understand that maintaining and increasing your commercial property’s value means keeping it in top-notch condition.

  • Maintenance + Repair

    After completing detailed inspections of your commercial property, our experienced team facilitates any needed maintenance and repairs to ensure clients and tenants remain satisfied by overall property conditions.

  • Comprehensive + Transparent Financial Reporting

    The experts within our property management team provide accounting and bookkeeping services to keep all of your financial records organized, so you can track the details of your budget and overall investment.

  • Vendor + Contractor Management

    When hiring vendors and contractors as part of your property management services, we only select providers that prioritize quality and value to ensure that your investment is in good hands.

  • Rental Analysis To Keep You Competitive

    In an ever-changing, aggressive market, RTI Properties, Inc. consistently delivers the data and analysis you need for your commercial property investment to remain cutting-edge and ahead of the curve when it comes to overall condition and status.

Our Property Management Services For Prospective Glendale Tenants + Current Residents Property Management Glendale, CA

On top of assisting property owners with daily operations and administrative tasks that contribute to the value of their investment while also protecting property owner rights, RTI Properties, Inc. is also dedicated to making the rental and leasing process for tenants virtually hassle-free. Our professional team works around the clock to serve tenants at any stage of the leasing process at any time of the day. Whether tenants are being introduced to a new property, undergoing the rental application process, or maintaining a current property, our team is here to help every step of the way. RTI Properties, Inc.

utilizes an online portal for tenants to view monthly statements, access financial receipts, make rental payments, and request for maintenance or repairs–because we want the tenant experience to be seamless and savvy. For top-notch customer support, tenants can always contact our team by phone or email for any assistance with the web portal or direct maintenance requests. Have any questions? Reach us at (310) 532-9122 or

We Know How Challenging The Glendale Rental Market + Property Management Business Is Property Management Glendale, CA

Let’s be honest. Not only is California one of the biggest states in the U.S., it is also one of the most desirable places to live in the country. When leasing or renting your property in an ultra-competitive market, you want to increase your worth at an affordable cost. Lucky for you, RTI Properties, Inc. provides full-service property management tools and services for you to optimize your investment and portfolio in Glendale, CA.

Just north of Los Angeles, Glendale provides opportunities abound for your property to appeal to a diverse and metropolitan market. RTI Properties, Inc. guarantees to maximize the returns on your single-family dwelling, condo, commercial building, apartment complex, and more!

Why Choose Our Glendale Property Management TeamProperty Management Glendale, CA

At RTI Properties, Inc., we’re committed to serving nothing but the best for property owners and tenants in Glendale, CA. With a world-class team of executives and support, we’re proud to provide property management services that deliver proven success time and again. Gain access to the following by working with us:

Reputation + Experience

RTI Properties, Inc. has been in the property management business since 1986. With such a strong foundation in the market, we’re able to offer solutions and plan for long-term success.

Wide Network

Established throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California, our team provides a wide array of listings and an expansive network for property owners and tenants, alike.

Low Vacancy Rate + High-Quality Tenants

Our team specializes in marketing, project management, and screening to attract trustworthy tenants for your property’s long-term success and overall growth.

Property Preservation + Repositioning

For properties in distress or direpair, our team of experts will prioritize maintenance, improve capital, and oversee any needed renovations or building to bring your property up to par.

Enhance Property Value

Our team offers their property management expertise to suggest and implement solutions that increase your property’s overall revenue.

Reduce Taxes + Maximize Your Income

With our expanse of property management experience, our team will guide you with bookkeeping and taxes, so you can deduct all applicable expenses and maximize your returns.

Rule Enforcement

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry and the applicable laws to let you enjoy reduced taxation and have maximum income for your property.

Rule Enforcement

When lease violations and breaches of contract occur, our team responds promptly to resolve the issue and collect necessary fees.

Legal Issues

From lease violations to evictions, our team ensures that all legal actions remain compliant in the favor of you and your investment property.

Online Resident Portal Access

We utilize an online portal access system to make maintenance requests and rent payments easier than ever for new and long-term tenants.

About Glendale, CA

Home to the famous Grand Central Airport and voted as L.A.’s Neighborhood of the Year in 2013, Glendale is a bustling, diverse city that’s actually the fourth largest in all of California. Nestled in the southeastern region of the San Fernando Valley and divided by the Verudgo Mountains, Glendale is nicknamed the Jewel City and contains numerous parks as well as two well-known shopping districts, the Glendale Galleria and The Americana at Brand. On top of popular thrift stores, eateries, and bars, the city also takes pride in its history, which you can behold in Kenneth Village, a 1920’s neighborhood, and the renowned Alex Theatre, originally constructed as a vaudeville house in 1925.

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With a population exceeding 200,000 people, Glendale, CA is accommodating to families, young professionals, and business enterprises. Just a matter of miles north of the City of Angels, there is a consistent high demand for commercial and residential real estate in Glendale. With impressive claims such as the very first Baskin Robbins location and the headquarters of animation studio Dreamworks LLC, the city boasts state-of-the art facilities like the Glendale Brand Library and Art Center while also fostering community and diversity in the sprawling of metropolis of Los Angeles. For all of your property management needs, contact RTI Properties, Inc. at (310) 532-9122 to develop a custom plan for your Glendale residential or commercial property.