Welcome to RTI Properties Apartment Lease-Up Experts

There is no hard and fast rule as to how lease ups work … each one is somewhat different based on multiple factors. Further, there is a “spectrum” of options on how to handle a lease up, all of which ultimately work … but some work more effectively than others. Like anything else, this is a cost-benefit analysis which we are very sensitive to.

Our experience includes:

Once you’ve signed up, you can:
  • Pre-construction Development/Design consulting.
  • Branding/Marketing of project – graphics/logo, brochures, landing page, website, etc.
  • Pre-Leasing – RTI has an occupancy rate in the high 90% companywide, it would be our intent to find the most qualified tenants. Craft leasing strategy each market/tenant profile.
  • Lease up plan – We would ensure, among other things, that tenants are properly qualified and will quarterback the transition from a leasing person/staff to an on-site manager that we will hire.
  • Full management thereafter.

We believe, based on our experience and the methodology we will propose will create the quickest lease up and with the best qualified tenants. And by doing that, the building will stabilize more quickly and will bring in revenue faster.

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