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RTI Properties Inc. is a ‘Full-Service’ solution of property management specializing in managing apartments, single family homes and commercial properties in Long Beach, CA while providing value added services in listing rental properties. The reputation, insight and expertise of our Long Beach property management professionals is a standard of our client-focused approach, expert local knowledge and satisfactory customer experience.

We are providing benefits to hundreds of Long Beach property owners holding residential units and availing the maximum return of their investments, while keeping expenses low. The laws of managing properties is always changing, so you can count on RTI Properties Long Beach Property Managers knowing that we handle all aspects of your property management that meet the needs of the property owners and the tenants. Whether you are owning single-family or multi-family units, high-storeyed apartment buildings or commercial complexes, we are here to help you realize all of your property management goals by reducing vacancies and improving cash flow and efficiency of your Long Beach property.

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Thank you so much RTI Properties!! We had such a great experience with our property manager Eric Martinez he made the process effortless, easy, and smooth. We found out we got approved for the apartment the same day we saw it. Amazing! So happy with our new home.

Mynka Morris


I work for Sunset QCS, and it has been a pleasure working with Carina Partida. Carina is a very professional and kind person that treats us with respect. We enjoy working with her because she responds quickly, helps me when I have any delays, and when I have problems with the jobs.

Aundréja Julié Santizo


I was helped by Tiara. She’s very knowledgeable and friendly; she had all my questions answered in a timely manner, which I appreciate and find extremely professional for a company to do. Definitely had a great experience and will continue to go back for any service needs.

Karla Guardado


I currently have my senior mother living in the Lagoon Apartments , I am very grateful with the apartment manager Mabel ,she is great she was been extremely helpful during this pandemic , she was helped us fill several applications to get assistance ,food ,masks and all helps , she , has been great , Thank you RTI for all your help , I love are small building community!! I feel great to have very caring manager…. God Bless you manager Mabel

Alicia Delatorre


I highly recommended to work with RTI property Managment company, the Supervisors are very nice and treat us with respect as we are part of their team Eric, Carina , Claudia , and Oreo, We have being working for the company for about 15 years they are very loyal and always I appreciate our work, they pay us on time and also i hear most of the tenants are happy because when there is an issue in their apartments they always take care of them right away in conclusion is very nice being around clients like them.
Thank you for your Loyalty we enjoy working With you ??

Carla Meda


Robert, Amber, and the rest of the team at RTI were great to us over the many years that they managed our 20-unit building in Santa Monica. They were always responsive to the many issues that arise with an older building, long-term tenants under rent control, and with tenant drama. The RTI team remained calm and professional always. We are currently in the process of selling the property, and RTI continues to support us with the accounting and other information required. I can recommend them without hesitation.

Dan Kline

Long Beach Featured Properties

Long Beach Apartment Property ManagementProperty Management

Long Beach apartments for rent are popular choice for housing and in high demand. Our apartment property management team is primarily dedicated to providing high-quality services that guarantee the highest return possible to the apartment owners. The apartment management services include, but not limited to, maintenance of apartment buildings, handling of all functions relating to the properties, and finding the right tenants to occupy the apartment no matter the length of your apartment complex. Our apartment property managers are available 24 hours a day every step of the way for any assistance that apartment owners need. Here at RTI Properties Inc. we provide the effective apartment building management services, and assurance including:

Long Beach Property Management
  • Tenant background checks

    RTI Properties act in the best interest of our apartment owners by running a credit check on prospective tenants for possible records of past conviction, eviction, or delinquencies. Besides, we also verify landlord references to suit the requirements of our clients.

  • Tenant Screening & Acquisition

    We follow a detailed procedure for screening all interested prospective tenants and choose only the quality long term tenants to occupy the vacant properties.

  • Management of Lease Renewal and Violations

    We oversee the renewals of lease contracts to ensure collection as at when due and act promptly and according to the law regarding defaults and violations.

  • Round the clock Maintenance and Repair Service

    We ensure prompt payment of all essential utilities, maintain and repair the apartment properties to prevent the property from falling into disrepair.

  • Tracking and Payment of All Taxes, Fees, and Mortgages

    We take off the burden of management from apartment owners by ensuring that mortgages, mandatory fees, and taxes are monitored and paid as at when due.

  • Vendor Management

    We hire and manage suitable vendors for helping out with necessary tasks such as maintenance of our clients’ apartments we are managing.

  • Maintaining and Budgeting Records

    We have a team of accounting experts in charge of managing budgets, maintenance, and records.

  • Risk Liability Assessment

    We follow due care in analyzing all the risk factors involved in managing apartment properties and ensure to mitigate all risk liabilities involved without passing any to the apartment owners.

Long Beach Property Management for Other Residential PropertiesProperty Management

RTI Properties Inc. don’t just manage apartment buildings, we also specializes in comprehensive management services for owners of residential properties in Long Beach, CA including single-family dwellings. Our Long Beach Property Managers are here to cover every single responsibility from tenant screening to collecting rent to full property management services.

We manage and cater to our clients’ properties effectively to keep the properties in good physical condition and provide property owners with the maximum return possible. In addition, we handle all of the administrative and vital financial tasks that stimulate residential property value. Whatever you need, we can customize our services to meet your need. Contact us today to get the peace of mind, you’ve been looking for managing your residential units.

Long Beach Commercial Property ManagementProperty Management

Long Beach, CA commercial property market is extremely diverse, and includes a wide variety of detached retail complexes, warehouses and office buildings. All commercial property owners require those management skills that ensure smooth day-to-day operation and ongoing financial success, and managing these properties is really challenging. At RTI Properties, we offer a ‘Full-service’ suite of commercial property management for property owners that guarantee the best results.

Our professionals have all it requires to provide you with exceptional industries and retail property management. At RTI Properties, we offer the best commercial building and office property management to guarantee your convenience, peace of mind, and the possibility of focusing on other personal businesses. With our Long Beach Property Management, we can assist you with every phase of your commercial operation, including:

Long Beach Property Management
  • Rental Analysis to Keep You Competitive

    Helping you to stay ahead of the competition is our forte. And we achieve this by regular analysis of the market, upgrade of your property’s status, and keeping your property in an excellent condition.

  • Scheduled Property Inspections

    To keep clients’ properties in top structural and aesthetic conditions, we carry out scheduled property inspections to evaluate the conditions of the properties and ask for tenants’ experience with the properties.

  • Occupancy of Vacant Spaces or Units

    We ensure that all the vacant spaces or units in your office property are occupied with suitable, verified tenants. You can rest assured of maximum return from your commercial property.

  • Monitoring of Lease Violations

    We monitor all lease contracts and ensure collection of rents as at when due. In case of violations, we take appropriate steps to prevent loss of revenue for our clients.

  • Developing your Property Profile

    We professionally create an attractive online property profile for your property to make it appealing and stand out from the rest to attract the most qualified and suitable tenants for highest return possible.

  • Regular Maintenance & Needed Repairs

    We are committed to ensuring that clients’ properties are properly maintained as well as carry out necessary repairs to keep the building in top conditions structurally and aesthetically.

  • Contractor and Merchant Supervision

    We associate with top area vendors and contractors which make it possible for us to hire trusted providers who share our emphasis on quality and value for money spent.

  • Strategic Commercial Property Marketing for acquiring Tenants

    RT Properties use well-targeted marketing strategy and approach to reach the right prospective tenants to occupy our clients’ commercial properties.

Our Property Management Services for Long Beach Prospective Tenants Property Management

RTI properties is the leading property management companies in Long Beach providing every aspect of management to keep the tenants happy and satisfied while still protecting the interests of the property owners and their valuable property. With more than three decades of experience in managing property, we understand how valuable is each tenant to any property. Our team ensures the entire leasing processes as hassle free and get completed as soon as possible for all our clients. Consequently, prospective tenants who are interested in moving to the Long Beach area can do so without any complicated procedures or humongous paperwork.

From introducing the property to tenants through the screening process to our 24*7 emergency maintenance program, our highly trained staff is dedicated to meet the needs of both the prospective tenants and current residents. We have an online resident web portal for each resident and we respond without any delay. Our effective property management services for prospective tenants and residents make the tenants feel the rental property their home by ensuring that property is in top structural and aesthetic conditions as well.

We know how challenging is the Long Beach Rental Market & Property Management Business is: Property Management

The Long Beach rental properties are in high demand and market is going strong with rental rates up significantly from last year’s rates. More than half of the homes in the city are Long Beach rentals and the remaining properties are owner-occupied. Long Beach, CA Apartments for rent ranges has continued to rise over the past decade and this rising trend makes Long Beach as one of the most expensive rental market in the United States and most appealing investment destination for real estate buyers.

However, getting profit from these properties in such a competitive market is very challenging which raise the need to partner with property management companies in Long Beach. Having a Long Beach property management company manage your rental property will help to protect your investment and lower your costs, besides looking after your tenants needs as well as the needs of your property. It will also help you maximize your income without interrupting your daily life.
Learn more about Long Beach, CA Real Estate and Rental Market Trends.

Do I need a Long Beach Property Management Company? Property Management

Having a real estate property in a tight market like Long Beach, CA and managing on its own will add tedious tasks to your plate and can be disappointing to a financial portfolio. A competent property management company in Long Beach, CA can add significant value to your investment by employing professionals with the appropriate management skills and knowledge for the market, the clients, and the property types. Getting a partner with the RTI Properties will let you free from many of the hassles of owning a rental property and may yield many benefits to your property besides saving your money in the long run. We strive to provide an unmatched experience so that property owners in Long Beach feel like they have found someone they can rely on.

Hiring a professional Long Beach property management company for your investment property will benefit you:

  • Reduce Vacancy Time
  • Improve Income Potential
  • Add Long Term Stability
  • Keep Taxes & Insurance costs down
  • Effective Legal Backing for smooth Property Running
  • Turning around any Non-Performing Investment
  • Improve Money Management

About Long Beach, CA

Long Beach within the Greater Los Angeles Area of Southern California is a city on the Pacific Coast of US. It has a population of 469,793 and considers as the 38th largest city in the United States and the 7th populous in California. However, the popular density of it is 9,339 per sq. mi which is approx. 3919% higher than California. Boeing (aircraft production facility) is the city’s largest employer.

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The city is known as the “International City.” It is a home of the world’s largest shipping ports with diverse populations. Whether it is vibrant downtown or the shoreline areas to the lively restaurants, bars, everything had its own beauty and filled with attraction. The most highlighted charms include The Aquarium of the Pacific, The Museum of Latin, The Long Beach Museum of Art, The Queen Mary, and more. The median home value in the Long Beach is $552,700. The costs of a home have gone up approx. 6.8% over the past year.

Long Beach has 173,040 housing units, and the average rent of a beautiful apartment in Long Beach is $1,876. The average size for an apartment in Long Beach is 799 square feet, but this could vary greatly depending on the type of residence. If you want to enjoy the most affordable living, then Long Beach is your dream city.

Why RTI Properties as your right Long Beach Property ManagersProperty Management

Reputation & Experience

We have a reputation for excellence and more than 30 years of experience.

Wide Network

We have an extensive network to reach a large number of prospective tenants to occupy clients’ properties.

Low Vacancy Rate with High-quality Tenants

We record the lowest rate of vacancy because all our clients’ commercial and residential properties are almost always occupied with well-paying tenants.

Expertly Market Your Residential or Commercial Property

We use strategic marketing methods to advertise clients’ commercial and residential properties for the best exposure and reach possible.

Property Preservation & Re-positioning

We ensure that clients’ properties are well-maintained, renovated, and upgraded to meet the standard in the industry and the requirements of prospective tenants.

Enhance Property Value

With RTI Properties handling your property, the value of your property will, undoubtedly, be enhanced.

Reduce Taxes and Maximize Your Income

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry and the applicable laws to let you enjoy reduced taxation and have maximum income for your property.

Rule Enforcement

We comply with all legal agreement and take the necessary measures to enforce the rule guiding all contracts.

Legal Issues

We have a team of legal practitioners who counsel us regarding all legal matters and handle our legal issues.

Online Resident Portal Access

We create personalized online resident portal access for each tenant for smooth and seamless communication.

If you own properties in Long Beach, CA then you need to partner with RTI Properties Inc. Our Long Beach Property Management services covers all aspects of property maintenance in Long Beach to help you achieve your vision. Contact us today or Call us now at 310.532.5994 to see how it becomes so easy for you when we start managing your Long Beach, CA property!