Long Beach Property Management

Long Beach Property Management

RTI Properties Inc. has been in the property management business for over 30 successful years. Our highly skilled staff provides Long Beach property owners with a variety of services to make sure that they get the maximum return of their investments, while keeping expenses low. We have Long Beach property management professionals who work tirelessly to make sure that we meet the needs of you, the property owner and the needs of tenants. We do every task what is needed to maintain and improve the value of your property. Some of the primary services are commercial property management, residential Properties, Apartment Property Management, and other classified services for tenants and residents.

Long Beach Apartment Property ManagementApartment Managers

Long Beach apartments for rent are in high demand. Our apartment property management company can provide you with the exact services you need to keep your apartment complex filled with long term tenants. Our team of professionals have maintained our business with our reputation as Apartment Building Management experts no matter the length of your apartment complex. Here at RTI Properties Inc. we can provide you with following apartment management services you want including:

Apartment Management Long Beach, CA
  • Tenant background checks
  • Lease renewal and violation management
  • 24/7 maintenance and repair services
  • Acquiring and screening tenants
  • Payment and tracking of fees, taxes and mortgages
  • Vendor management
  • Maintaining budget records
  • Risk liability assessment

Long Beach Property Management for Other Residential PropertiesApartment Managers

RTI Properties Inc. don’t just manage apartment buildings we also manage single family rentals as well. If you don’t have the time or skills to manage that single family rental we are here to help with whatever management services you need from tenant screening to collecting rent to full property management services. Whatever you need we can meet your need. Just let us know how our skilled staff can help.

Long Beach Commercial Property ManagementApartment Managers

Our Long Beach property management team does not just provide residential property management services, we also can provide you with Commercial property management services as well. Whether you are looking for retail property management, office property management or industrial property management services we can meet your needs. Our services include:

Commercial Property Management Long Beach, CA
  • Strategic commercial property marketing for tenants
  • Property profile development
  • Tenant placement
  • Lease violation supervision
  • Frequent inspections of property
  • Regular maintenance and needed repairs
  • Contractor and Merchant supervision
  • Property rental analysis

Our Property Management Services for Long Beach Prospective Tenants & Current ResidentsApartment Managers

With 30 years managing property we understand how valuable each tenant is to you, the property owner. Here at RTI Properties Inc., we do everything possible to see that your tenants are happy while still protecting your interest and your valuable property. We want you to know that we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for both you and your tenants. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to meeting your needs.

We know how challenging is the Long Beach Rental Market & Property Management Business: Apartment Managers

The Long Beach rental properties are in high demand and market is going strong with rental rates up significantly from last year’s rates. However, trying to manage that rental property yourself is a time consuming process as you need to look after your tenants needs as well as the needs of your property. Having a Long Beach property management company manage your rental property will help to protect your investment lower and lower your costs. It will also help you maximize your income without interrupting your daily life. Learn more about Long Beach, CA Real Estate and Rental Market Trends.

About Long Beach

Long Beach within the Greater Los Angeles Area of Southern California is a city on the Pacific Coast of US. It has a population of 469,793 and considers as the 38th largest city in the United States and the 7th populous in California. However, the popular density of it is 9,339 per sq. mi which is approx. 3919% higher than California. Boeing (aircraft production facility) is the city’s largest employer.

The city is known as the “International City.” It is a home of the world’s largest shipping ports with diverse populations. Whether it is vibrant downtown or the shoreline areas to the lively restaurants, bars, everything had its own beauty and filled with attraction. The most highlighted charms include The Aquarium of the Pacific, The Museum of Latin, The Long Beach Museum of Art, The Queen Mary, and more. The median home value in the Long Beach is $552,700. The costs of a home have gone up approx. 6.8% over the past year.

Long Beach has 173,040 housing units, and the average rent of a beautiful apartment in Long Beach is $1,876. The average size for an apartment in Long Beach is 799 square feet, but this could vary greatly depending on the type of residence. If you want to enjothe y most affordable living, then Long Beach is your dream city.

If you own properties in Long Beach, CA then you need to partner with RTI Properties Inc. Our Long Beach Property Management services covers all aspects of property maintenance in Long Beach to help you achieve your vision. Contact us today or Call us now at (310) 532-5470 to see how it becomes so easy for you when we start managing your Long Beach, CA property!