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We at RTI Properties, Inc. strive to make the leasing process easy and respectful to tenants and owners. We understand that the tenants for each property are our greatest asset. We do everything we can to keep our tenants happy and satisfied while still protecting the interests of the property owners. Whether you are applying for your new home or maintaining your existing one, RTI Properties is always available to support you 24 hours a day. Our staff will help tenants throughout the process from introduction to the screening, moving in, and maintaining the property. We have the best online portal to make your rental experience beautiful.

Tenants can use our web portal to make maintenance requests view monthly statements, and financial receipts, as well as pay rent online. We are always available by phone or email. If you are facing any problems, we want to hear about it so that we can make the necessary maintenance and repairs.

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Our property management company strives to make the entire leasing process as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible for all our clients. Our tenant screening process is extremely thorough because we need to protect the interests of our clients, which are the owners of the property you will be renting from.

However, we want to make the leasing experience as simple, easy, and enjoyable for you as possible for those who lease the homes we manage. From initially introducing you to the property through the screening process, we treat potential tenants with the utmost respect. During the screening process, we will be checking your income and work history to be assured you can pay the rent as well as taking a look at your references from other places you rented beforehand. We are looking for long-term tenants who are looking to make the rental property their home.

Welcome Home!

Our goal is to ensure that all residents that lease the properties we manage, feel at home in the apartments they rent. We provide our tenants with a web portal to make any repair requests and view their monthly statements as well as allowing you to pay your rent online. We strive to meet our tenant’s needs and desires to have a comfortable and functional home to live in, which is why we make regular maintenance checks and attend to any necessary repairs promptly.

We also are available to answer your phone calls, questions, and problems, so you never are inconvenienced. We take the time to explain every aspect of the lease to accepted tenants, including their obligations under the lease agreement to ensure that they understand the entire lease before signing. We find that by explaining every paragraph of the lease avoids a lot of problems later on and most of our tenants appreciate us taking the time to ensure that they are comfortable with the lease.

We always strive to keep the lines of communication open between our property managers and our tenants because we believe that open communication is the best way to keep the tenant happy while avoiding any potential problems that are likely to arise. We always take your comments and suggestions seriously, so that we can improve our property management services for both our clients and their tenants.

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Our property management team does everything we can to keep our current resident tenants happy and satisfied. We are dedicated to making things as convenient for our current residents as possible, which is why we provide every tenant with their personal web portal, making it easy for you to request repairs or pay your rent. We also provide phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for tenants. We always have a representative available to take your phone calls and handle any complaints or requests for repairs.

We believe keeping the lines of communication open is essential to good property management.

We believe that not only do we need to communicate with our clients, but also the tenants that rent the properties we serve. During our property inspections, we check in with tenants to make sure everything is going well, and of course, we are always available through both email and phone.

Why You Should Rent From Us?Rent

As a potential tenant, you may be wondering why you should rent from our company. There are several good reasons why you may want to choose to rent from our property management company.

First, as a premier property management company, we manage some different rental properties, and we are sure to have the home you are looking for. We thoroughly screen all potential tenants, so if you are looking for an apartment to rent you can rest assured that the other tenants in your building will be high quality as well.

We are proud of the fact that we go that extra mile to keep and even enhance the value of the properties we serve, which is why we make frequent maintenance checks and complete all repairs promptly. We also take the time to notify the tenant of any seasonal maintenance that we have scheduled, so you won’t suffer any undue convenience. Our regular maintenance checks and procedures keep your home safe, secure and looking attractive.

Of course, we believe that tenants are the key to successfully managing each property for our clients since it is the tenants that allow our clients to enjoy a profit from their investment property. For that reason, we try and make it easy for our tenants to file a complaint, request repairs, and pay their rent by giving them their own personal web portal that they can view any time they would like. In addition to having your own web portal, we have a representative standing by to answer your phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, every member of our property management team will always treat you with the utmost respect because we value you as a tenant and as a person.