Property Managers: What They Do? How can They Help?

What Do Property Managers Do?

Regardless of how long someone has been in the property business – it is challenging to maintain a healthy earning stream through buying and selling properties; whether it is a single-family unit, residential or commercial, it comes with its fair share of hassles.

It requires a significant amount of hard work, patience, and effort from an owner to find potential buyers or keep the property in optimal condition. Unless owning and selling properties is not your full-time job, it is always better to hire the services of a property management company.

Reputable property management in Los Angeles, such as RTI Properties, is a great help when it comes to streamlining the duties of a landlord. The company specializes in the real estate business and provides quality services to property owners, buyers, or tenants. It also optimizes cash flow while managing property maintenance and legal issues.

Still on the fence about signing up with a property management company? Let’s get into the details of what a property manager does and how they operate.

What is a Property Manager?

If you’re considering seeking the services of a property manager to look after your rental property, understanding their role and responsibilities is essential.

A property manager is a professional in the home buying and selling industry who performs multiple duties on behalf of the property owner. He also provides services to the property and tenants. His duties include finding potential clients, signing the lease, and maintaining the properties.

However, it doesn’t end here. The role of a property manager goes beyond just managing properties or tenants. Your property manager stays on top of city regulations and state laws to protect the home owner’s investment while ensuring a steady income.

What Exactly Does a Property Manager Do?

A property manager plays a critical role when it comes to marketing a property for sale or rent.

Essentially, a property manager serves as a middle man between the property owner, the buyers, and the renters. A landlord or property owner hires a property management company to help maintain the investment and avoid daily issues concerning the property.

A property manager typically performs all the landlord’s duties and is responsible for maintaining records for many properties, tenants, and owners according to the landlord-tenant laws.

In addition to this, a property manager in Los Angeles helps property owners in;

1. Manage Time-Consuming and Financial Problems

Experienced landlords are well aware of the significance of working with a property manager to protect and maintain their properties. Property managers are skilled professionals who know how to handle and overcome all the legal challenges a landlord may encounter in case of lawsuits.

A property manager, in this regard, has in-depth knowledge and understanding of necessary legal technicalities to protect clients from several unexpected legal and financial issues. Know that a strong understanding of property-related legal matters is substantially essential to prevent legal implications.

Moreover, not every state has the same legal obligations and regulations. This may make things even more complicated, particularly when a landlord fails to abide by the laws.

Each state enforces property laws and regulations as they see fit.

2. Easy and Stress-Free Renting of Property

Finding a reliable tenant or renter is a challenge, especially for someone who has only recently ventured into property investment. However, allowing a property manager to take the lead in finding the most suitable tenant saves loads of time and effort.

Making the tenant-search process stress-free is the property manager’s foremost duty. He ensures optimal performance without compromising on the screening process and the company’s standards. Besides tenant screening, a property manager performs various other tasks, such as;

  • Setting , Collecting and Raising the rent of the property
  • Ensuring that property owners get the best rates for rentals
  • Smart advertising of the home to attract suitable tenants

3. Property Improvement

A well-maintained property gets potential tenants faster than one that needs a lot of repair work. A well-maintained property not only satisfies tenants but also ensures more profits.

The property manager, in this respect, takes responsibility for maintaining the property. This includes making kitchen improvements, painting the walls, and fixing door locks.

Furthermore, if the property’s retention rate is low, tenants may vacate it before the date in the stipulated agreement. Know that a recurrent situation like this may affect the reputation of the property.

Consequently, the owner needs to ensure that all the retention work is complete before renting out the property. In this scenario, a property manager can offer much-needed assistance.

4. Marketing of Property

Keeping a property or home in the best shape before putting it on rent is also an essential responsibility of the property manager. He not only plans but also takes essential steps to add to the property’s curb appeal, amenities, and functionality.

Once the property is in marketable shape, the manager uses his expert marketing skills and network to advertise the property to attract or entice potential tenants- which is difficult for a landlord to do.

A good property management company leverages multiple digital platforms such as Facebook and other reliable portals to keep properties upfront for the interested tenants to contact.

After the screening, a property manager plans a scheduled tour with the interested parties. Upon the renters’ agreement, the property manager also schedules negotiations with the landlord for suitable rent.

5. Control Maintenance Cost

Property owners need to stay on top of regular property maintenance. It helps them prevent more significant issues from arising down the road. They conduct frequent property inspections to fix repairs and make sure that tenants comply with the lease.

When you work with a reliable property management company LA, it usually works with a competent in-house maintenance team to keep the follow-up. It also knows where to get the preferred volume-based pricing discounts from vendors. This, without a doubt, is an ideal way to save money and spare the stress of finding a credible repair person.

6. On-time Rent Collection

The profit of the property business relies on timely rent collection. If your renter pays their dues on time, it determines success and how much you stand to earn through property investment.

However, delays in rent payments disrupt the consistency of cash flow for a property owner. Tenants often intentionally delay rent payments, which can cause immense stress to the landlord.

A property manager is a professional at dealing with these issues. He relies on several tactics and strategies to ensure timely payments. He listens to the tenant’s problems and addresses them. It is the best way to ease the tense situation between landlords and tenants to prevent future problems.

Additionally, a property manager uses the same effort to evaluate the property. He convinces tenants by giving legitimate reasons and preventing legal complications in the future.

When Do I Need To Hire a Property Manager?

So far, you have learned some of the major tasks a property manager performs. You can rely on the expertise of an experienced property management company to sell, rent, and maintain your property. However, to make the most of this expertise, it is critical that you know “when you need to hire a property manager.”

Here are some crucial factors in determining whether hiring a property manager is a good decision for you. You should hire a property manager;

If There Are Multiple Rentals- Handling many rental properties with multiple units is a daunting task. This is when you need someone with the right skills in the relevant field to assist you.

You Live Far From Your Rental Property- In many cases, property owners invest in homes located quite a distance from their residence.

It is hard to manage property issues when you don’t live nearby. Therefore, hiring a property manager is invaluable for situations that require your physical presence to deal with a problem.

Don’t Want To Involve In Day To Day Management – Finding potential tenants and maintaining an attractive property is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you aim to invest in the property business but don’t want to deal with day-to-day management, consider seeking the assistance of a property manager.

You have Time Constraints- If the landlord is not your only job or business, you might not have much time to invest in property management. And even it is your only business, finding tenants and managing properties takes a lot of time.

When you hire a property manager, you get enough time to focus on business growth. From arranging finances, improving business structure to investing in new properties, you can do many things.

You Avoid Being an Employer – Working with resident managers means dealing with payrolls and other hosts of legal considerations and requirements. However, with a property management company, you can avoid being an employer as it is an independent contractor that exempts you from the hassles of an employer’s responsibilities.

Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

» Deal with Tenants Professionally

A significant benefit of hiring a property manager is that it saves you from dealing with renters on a daily basis. The responsibilities include a lot more than just collecting and managing tenants’ payments.

A property manager helps landlords advertise units, interview, screen potential tenants, handle move-ins and outs, address complaints, draw up the lease, and handle late payments.

Since the property manager is familiar with all the legal aspects of the owner/renter relationship, he can handle each party with due diligence.

» Handles Paperwork/Legal Requirements

This is one of the best reasons you should hire a property manager. A professional has an understanding of how to handle all the necessary paperwork.

For example, with RIT Properties LA’s property manager, you don’t need to find, screen, or check potential tenants’ credit card reports. The property manager will conduct background checking, draw up lease agreements, handle the bill, and account for monthly or annual rent for you.

In short, the property manager will maintain all the required paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities and legal aspects.

» Maintenance and Repair

Have you ever been in a situation where one of your properties’ water heaters stops working, and the roof of another starts leaking at the same time?

If yes, you must be familiar with the hassle and stress such a situation can cause. No matter how experienced or responsible of a landlord you think you are, handling multiple properties at the same time is not an easy job.

Hiring a property management company in LA is the best solution for problems like these. A company has competent managers who efficiently handle everything, whether about fixing an old roof or a damaged staircase.

Other Things to Consider

The cost of property management is often a concern for many investors and landlords. The average cost of property management is around eight to twelve percent of the rent value of the month. You can also hire property managers who work on a flat-fee model.

Remember that not all property managers have the same working standards and provide services worth the money.

That is why you need to be diligent when it comes to hiring a property manager. Don’t just look at the average service fee; check which specific qualities you can benefit from.

You need to be extra cautious when seeking the services of a property management company. Make sure you consult relevant networks, colleagues, ask for recommendations, and search for trained property managers.

You probably have some questions regarding hiring property managers. Here are a few answers.

» What is the Cost of Hiring a Property Manager?

Most property management companies work with a percentage-based fee that ranges according to location. That means if you live in Los Angeles, the average fee to hire a property manager is 5 to 6 percent of monthly rent. This range increases or decreases depending on plenty of reasons.

While some property managers charge all-inclusive fees, others charge extra services such as tribunal preparation, lease renewals, and admin.

In general, the cost of hiring a property manager includes finding tenants, rent collection, maintenance, bill management, and follow-ups. There is much opacity surrounding the property management cost; it is always better to find a property manager with a transparent fee structure.

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» What are the Qualities You Should Look For in an Efficient Property Manager?

As mentioned above, transparency is the most important quality when hiring a property manager. It is a cornerstone of credibility, so read the reviews and feedback of the property management company you want to work with before hiring it.

Speak with its existing clients to get an idea of their transparent business structure. It must have published pricing criteria and services.

Service Competency

Once you’ve assessed the company for a proven track record and transparent pricing, evaluate the property manager’s capabilities. The property manager must have impeccable and reliable resources, particularly for in-house maintenance. Check if the property manager works with subcontractors or full-time employees.

Scope of Work
Your hired property manager should be a full-time worker without other business responsibilities. Make sure he works in a company that has property management as a core business model.

» What are the Right Criteria to Hire?

  • Look for the number of properties or units the property manager has already worked for. It will give you an idea about the experience a company has. Also, check how many managers the firms employ to manage the properties.
  • The company includes routine inspections in the property management contract.
  • The company works with a thorough screening process.
  • The company implements a flexible fee structure for repair and maintenance costs and puts the contract in writing.

» How and Where to Find a Good Property Manager?

If you have decided to hire a property manager, here are some tips for finding good property managers.

  • Search or browse through professional platforms such as the Institute of Real Estate Management’s Membership Directory to find the certified property managers.
  • Ask friends, colleagues, and local associations in your area
  • Interview different property management companies to ensure you’re hiring the right one.

Value Additions to expect from Hiring Property Managers from RTI Properties, Inc.

Want to live a stress-free life and make profits from property investment?

Hire RTI Properties, a professional property management company in Los Angeles to enjoy investing in property without going through the hassles in management that come with it. Meanwhile, RTI Properties will spare you a significant amount of time to focus on essential tasks. You get no property-related issues when you hire property managers from our company as they can;

  • Tackle or deal with all the irregular emergencies
  • Protect you from frauds, and hectic paperwork
  • Are licensed to perform a variety of property management tasks

Summing Up

Being a landlord or a property owner requires utmost efficiency and diligence. But when you can’t handle it all on your own, property management services are the next step. All the details mentioned above are undeniably valid to prove why paying a property management firm is worth it.