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RTI Properties Inc. is a Full-Service solution to all of your property management requirements. While we specialize in a wide range of property types in Westchester, CA, we also continue to provide our clients with an unmatched service experience that makes all their property related problems disappear. Our professionals has spent more than 3 decades gathering sufficient information to become professionals and aim to fulfill the Westchester Property Management needs of every customer that reaches out to us.

For the Westchester, CA property owners who are interested in putting their properties up for sale or rent, our team provides them with the expertise that allows them to avail maximum returns and keep all expenditure to a bare minimum. Despite the ever-changing laws of the area, our Westchester property management services allow you to relax while we take every possible measure to ensure the satisfaction of both the property owners and the potential tenants. At RTI Properties, you can easily achieve all your long-term property related goals and ensure a smooth transfer, improve cash flow and make your Westchester property as profitable and beneficial as possible.

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Westchester, CA Apartment Property ManagementApartment Managers

Apartments have been an increasingly popular choice for renting in the Westchester area. Due to this high demand, RTI Properties has spent many years perfecting their knowledge regarding the apartment property dealing and have gained an insight on the majority of apartment buildings present. Our apartment property management team has devoted much of its time and effort into providing only the best service for all clients as well as handling all external factors related to the apartment property dealership. When you sign a contract with RTI Properties’ well-equipped apartment property management team, you are assured a remarkable service that includes regular maintenance, handling of all legal matters, providing the best suggestions to raise the value of your property and searching for the most suitable tenants to occupy your apartment complex.

During the entire property management timespan, our professional team will be at your aid at all times. Contracting with RTI Properties Inc. brings forth a wide range of benefits that will give you an advantage over other property owners. These include:

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  • Background Checks on Possible Tenants:

    To ensure that our customers face no consequence in the future, the team at RTI Properties spends much of their time looking into the background of a potential tenant. Records such as past conviction or felony are thoroughly checked before going through with an agreement.

  • Screening Multiple Tenants:

    Once we receive an application for your apartment, we do not immediately begin with the offers. Instead, our team spends an adequate amount of time searching and screening all interested tenants and conclude by choosing the tenants that are most reliable and agree to sign a long-term contract for your property.

  • Handling All Legal Matters:

    Lease contracts and renewals can be a daunting task to complete. By choosing RTI Properties Inc. as your apartment property managers, you can simply relax as we follow our in-depth protocol of renewing lease contracts and act in accordance to the laws of Westchester, CA.

  • Continuous Maintenance:

    Any time your property needs a quick fix or just some basic payments of utility bills, our management team will be available to take the load off your shoulders.

  • Tracking Payments:

    Whether its taxes or due mortgages, our management team will always be available to ensure that all fees are cleared within the due date.

  • Vendor Management:

    We make reliable contracts with third-party companies that work with us to provide additional services to all our clients’ apartments, such as maintenance or repairs.

  • Maintaining Financial Records:

    Our apartment property management team also consists of experienced accountants that are always managing your budget, maintaining cash flow and preparing accurate records for reference.

  • Lowering the Risk:

    Before renting off your apartment property to a tenant, we ensure that all risk liabilities are accounted for without passing them on to you.

Westchester Property Management for All Residential PropertiesApartment Managers

If you’re wondering whether RTI Properties Inc. manages other residential properties than high rise apartment buildings as well, then you’re definitely correct. The team behind RTI Properties goes a step further to provide complete management services for all residential property owners in Westchester, CA. Alongside of such comprehensive services for apartment owners, our Westchester Property Managers are also available to provide a knowledgeable insight for all other residential properties including reliable services such as tenant screening or handling financial responsibilities.

According to RTI Properties, every building tells a different story. Since we value our clients and their needs, the Westchester Property Management team makes sure to maintain the property in its best possible condition alongside of providing maximum returns to the owner. When contracting with our property management services, we also promise to handle all administrative and financial tasks that can further boost the value of your property. Every client’s needs are carefully catered to and their experience with RTI Properties is tailored to suit their preferences perfectly. Contact us today to get our professional experience of managing your residential units in Westchester, CA.

Westchester Commercial Property ManagementApartment Managers

Commercial property markets tend to much more complex than residential ones. With increased diversity, a wide availability of retail agents, multiple warehouses and an abundance of office buildings, it can be quite a hassle to manage a commercial property all by yourself.

Similar to the comprehensive services provided for residential properties, RTI Properties Inc. also caters to the complex commercial property market in the same manner. With no compromises being made upon the quality of our services, the team behind commercial property management ensures that all clients receive a smooth operation at their commercial building and receive sufficient funds in return for their property. Our team of professionals promise to provide ultimate convenience, peace of mind and even the opportunity to rely on us entirely to handle all your commercial property related decisions and errands. The Westchester Property Management service assures to support you throughout the lifespan of your commercial venture and provides a wide range of additional services to make your experience much simpler. These include:

Commercial Property Management Long Beach, CA
  • Providing Continuous Rental Analytics:

    In the complex commercial property industry, the most vital aspect of survival is to remain competitive. This can be easily achieved through a thorough analysis of the market in regular intervals and upgrading the status of your property accordingly.

  • Regular Property Inspections

    When dealing with commercial property, it is important to keep potential customers’ preferences on top. To ensure that our clients receive the highest offers for their properties, we inspect their properties regularly in order to maintain high structural and aesthetic outlooks.

  • Most Suitable Tenants

    In order to maximize returns from your commercial property, our team ensures that you have tenants that are both appropriate and valuable.

  • Contracts and Violations

    We keep a close check on the collection of rent and adherence to other terms once a tenant occupies your property space. This helps us maintain long-term, reliable contracts while also protecting our clients from possible losses occurring from a violation of agreements.

  • Attractive Property

    By creating a professional yet attractive online property profile for your commercial space, we aim to make your property distinctive and worthy of attracting the best possible tenants for you to receive high returns.

  • Regular Maintenance

    Our team of professionals is highly devoted to bringing out the best of your property. Through regular maintenance and repairs, your building is maintained in top-notch conditions.

  • Reliable Contractors:

    We proudly associate ourselves with the top vendors in Westchester to hire professionals that will ensure high quality in the service that they provide. From maintenance and repairs to accountants and legal experts, we make sure that every aspect of your commercial property management is appropriately managed by us.

  • Strategic Marketing

    The correct way to reach the best potential tenants is through an effective marketing strategy that provides you with an advantage over competitors.

Property Management Services for Prospective Tenants in Westchester, CA Apartment Managers

RTI Properties Inc. is a widely popular property management company that aims to provide the best service for both property owners and prospective tenants. By maintaining the perfect balance between the needs of owners and tenants, our property management team is committed towards protecting the interest of both parties involved.

With over three decades of valuable experience, the team at RTI Properties has learnt to value the contributions of both owners and tenants towards property management. This allows our team to provide a leasing process that is smooth and quick, making it highly efficient for everyone.

Prospective tenants that are considering moving into the Westchester area but are unsure of how to get through tons of paperwork involved in occupying a space can rely on RTI Properties to handle all their problems for them. Our team of qualified professionals will help you screen multiple properties that you may be interested in, assist you in the screening process of finalizing one property, provide any maintenance that may be required and customize our services to fit your requirements specifically. Every resident is provided access to an online portal that can be used to contact us around the clock. Our property management services for prospective tenants and residents ensure that as tenants, you get to enjoy a property that is well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing and a perfect fit for your needs.

About Westchester, CA

Westchester is a wonderful neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. It is an amazing place to live in California because there is a lot of things to do. You can go to parks with kids, coffee shops for a drink with friends, and restaurants with family. The total population of this neighborhood is 43,315.

This is a great place for professionals as there are many job opportunities. The neighborhood provides a suburban feel. For some, buying a home might be expensive. This is why many homeowners rent their spaces.

Westchester is home to several schools including Otis College of Art and Design, The Incubator School, St. Jerome Elementary School and many others.

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It is a perfect place for foodies as it has a food hub. This place provides a diverse and delicious cuisine in a small area. Whether you like fine dining or fast food, there is a wide range of options. Some of the best restaurants include The Coffee Company, Ayara Thai Cuisine, The Ramen Joint, Dinah’s Family Restaurant, and KC’s Crepes Café.

Moreover, the neighborhood has many places for recreational activities. One of the best places isthe Westchester Recreation Center. It features a barbecue pit, outdoor basketball court, an auditorium, a baseball court, a children’s play area, picnic tables, indoor gym, tennis court, soccer field, and a community room.

Another Recreational Center is Westchester Senior Citizen Center. This center has an auditorium, a kitchen, a community room, a garden, a stage, and picnic tables.
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